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Medical Center Assault

Medical Center is a map designed by MPF Games with an Assault type of game in mind.

It features a cool looking Medical Center which GDI has to protect at all costs for 40 minutes while Nod has 40 minutes to destroy it.


The Medical Center

GDI's most important Medical Center is centered on this map where wounded soldiers are treated, medicine are developed and tiberium research is done.

At mapload a timer will initialize for 40 minutes within which Nod must attempt to Assault the Medical Center and destroy it.

GDI must protect the Medical Center above all and prevent its destruction or lose.

When the timer of 40 minutes runs out and the Medical Center has not been destroyed by Nod, then GDI wins.

If Nod succesfully destroys the Medical Center then Nod will win the game.


Scientists and Nurses

Inside the Medical Center are working several Scientists and Nurses, GDI should absolutely not kill them.

For every friendly kill of a Scientist or Nurse your points will be dropped by -1000 and your money will be reset to 0 credits.

Nod however can kill them at will :)


The GDI Base

GDI has three Advanced Guard Towers defending the Medical Center. One at the leff, middle and right of the base accompanied by Guard Towers.

There is a Barracks, Tiberium Refinery, Power Plant, Helicopter Pad and a Weapons Factory.

The Weapons Factory only produces Humm-vee's and Harvesters, all other vehicles are disabled from the Purchase menu.


The Nod Base

All Nod buildings are invulnerable and cannot be killed by GDI. The sole and only purpose is to defend and attack the Medical Center.

There are no limitations to the Purchase options for Nod.


GDI Vehicles

Although the Purchase menu has most vehicles disabled, it is not that GDI won't have any good armor:

At the Weapons Factory spawn 3 Mammoth Tanks, 4 Medium Tanks and 2 MRLS's.

At the Helicopter Pad spawns 1 Orca.

At the Medical Center spawn 2 Ambulances and 1 Medevac Helicopter.

when killed they respawn 1 minute after.

These vehicles are Team Locked to GDI meaning that Nod cannot steal them until at least one GDI has entered them before abondoning it.


Ambulances and Medevac Helicopters

Ambulances repair all units within a radius of 25 meters by firing its weapon. It will sound a sirene when done so.

The Medevac Helicopter refills the health and armor of every Passenger that enters it.



This map requires very good teamwork for both teams to win. Use the tunnels as Nod to your advantage in taking out the (Advanced) Guard Towers.

During the testing phase with more than 30 players at a time both GDI and Nod have won multiple times and the balance seems to be relatively alright.


Thanks for reading!

Video and Screenshots below:






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