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This game is all about Command and Conquer: Red Alert suited in an FPS environment running on the Renegade W3D Engine.

We will work out all units, buildings and assets as much as we can to make it ejoyable and fun for everyone.


Play with the technician as your spawn character in the buildings of the Red Alert universe where you can purchase more advanced units after your first Ore Truck deposit.

On our server suitable for 50 players work as a team and organize rushes, through tactics and lead your team to victory with a broad range of units such as the Allied Light Tank, Allied Medium Tank, Soviet V2, Soviet Heavy Tank and the Soviet Mammoth Tank.

Also available are the Demolition Trucks and the Superweapon Atomic Bombs for those big explosions getting rid of any enemy unit or structure in a blast.


The game will have dynamics such as 'tied to structure purchase options' meaning you lose purchase items as buildings are destroyed, and of course the always fun 'manual ore harvesting' we all love to do.

Choose your character, drive, fly or glide your vehicle/aircraft/boat and conquer your enemy Red Alert style :)


Thanks for reading! :)


//Greetz MPF RA:FPS Dev Team




This will be the topic i use to post updates and what not, instead of creating new ones all the time i figured it would be nice to concentrate the updates into one topic.



Here ara a few renders and stuff:




The Tesla coil saw widespread use in the second world war, going so far as to become one of the staples of the Soviet military installation. The standard coil stood about forty feet tall and was surmounted with a bulbous electric diode, typically one brimming with excess electricity. The base of the coil hid a small underground control bunker that contained a single operator, usually a Soviet technician, whose purpose was to direct the coils attacks at enemy targets. This would be done by ionizing the air between the coil's diode and the target, completing the circuit and creating a lightning bolt. This bolt was devestating against infantry, usually killing them instantly, and proved almost as effective on most vehicles.




Although not very important to the development of the project, still a nice touch:

This image splash screen will be displayed now when the Level Editor to setup maps is launched.

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As your topic appears to be modding related it has been moved to the appropriate forum.

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Updated Chronosphere, by FeaR.

WIP Image does not reflect the final state.

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Allied Gap Generator as envisioned by ImperialKaskins from MPF Dev Team:




This building will 'cloud' the Allied Base so Soviets cannot see.

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A render of the to be Allied Anti Air defense by ImperialKaskins:



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Just want to let you know that if you have a question that's been bugging you, feel free to post it.

I will attempt to answer it as accurate as i can :)

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