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New PortableRA beta released

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A new beta version of PortableRA has been released. PortableRA is a Red Alert 1 game download which comes with all the latest community fixes and patches. It is modular in that it can be downloaded as a small 13 MB minimum package with campaign, music and videos added later. Of course there's also an automated PortableRA installer and a videos installer. Support for videos and music from the PlayStation 1 only Red Alert: Retaliation game is also included. It is known to run on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It also runs on Linux and Mac OS X under Wine.


The new version can be downloaded from http://iran.cnc-comm.com/redalert


It comes with the community made ra303p patch, which adds a lot of new features and fixes bugs and crashes. Features include:


- Support for high resolution

- Completely no-CD

- A powerful configuration tool and simple launcher.

- Ability to enable/disable the game expansions on the fly (expansions are included with PortableRA)

- New music can be added to the game with a simple INI control file

- Tons of mission fixes

- Support for showing custom missions in the game main menu and support for mini-campaigns

- Multiplayer AI fixes and optional enhancements

- Support for simple graphical and sound mods which work online (e.g. beta Tesla Tank and grenadier throwing sound)

- Fixes for at least 20 different game crashes.

- And MUCH more for a total over 146 features/fixes/changes!


A full feature list for the ra303p patch can be found here.


The main new features/changes in the new PortableRA beta release are:


- The new CnCNet 5 is included by default instead of the older CnCNet 4. There are over 200 Red Alert players online on CnCNet 5 every European evening. The new CnCnet 5 is a massive improvement over CnCNet 4 and has been in development for 9 months.

- Newer version of the ra303p patch is included with more fixes and features.

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