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Tester Recruitment for Tiberium Crystal War 2.0

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Development Upgrades




As time has progressed and we have taken up a faster pace in the development of Tiberium Crystal War 2.0,

we have reached a point where we need a few more testers to help us test the changes and updates we are making.



If you are interested in joining our Testers Team please note the following (optional) requirements:

- You must have the Tortoise SVN client installed. (required)

- You must be registered on our forums. (required)

- You must be on IRC at irc.multiplayerforums.com #mpf-tcw2 channel. (required)

- You should have Teamspeak 3 and preferably a microphone on ts.multiplayerforums.com. (not required)

- Your English is understandable in word and writing. (required)

- You should be available for testing several days of the week. We test regularly though so don't worry if you are not available a few times.


What to test?

During testing sessions we generally test units and their health/armor balancing for example.

Other times we will be checking out new maps as they are developed by our Developers and you can of course make suggestions.

Or we would test code changes that affect various settings or values in the game.

Of course there is more stuff to test but we will discuss that ingame or on irc/ts3 etc.



Simply reply in this topic and make sure you are on IRC or TS3 sometimes.

Mauler or zunnie will look at your application and approve it after which you can access our TCW 2.0 SVN Server and Forums.


Important: Tortoise SVN

We use a special server mechanism to update the tester and developer clients. This is done through the use of a program called TortoiseSVN

TortoiseSVN is a 100% FREE and no bullcrap application and allows you to connect to our server and download and update the test client on demand.

Everytime we commit an update to our SVN server you can simply right click and choose "SVN Update" to get the latest files, works like a charm.


Thank you

Thanks for reading and potentially applying for a tester position.

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