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CNCNZ.com - By The Numbers

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CNCNZ.com is an old site these days, some might say it's the last of a dying breed. As time goes by we get bigger and bigger. But just how big has CNCNZ.com gotten over the years? Well some of these numbers may paint a picture for you. So let's break down some statistics here.....

Main Site Content

  • 524 pages
  • 4073 individual images
  • 5.5 GB of disk space used
  • 15000 total files (approximately)


  • 284 files
  • 73 file categories
  • 1519677 individual downloads
  • 91341 makes the RA2 Patch v1.006 the most downloaded file


  • 4069 members
  • 198754 total posts
  • 4178 posts are news topics
  • 36902978 topic views

Just because these numbers have been published, doesn't mean we are finished. There are always new pages, new images, new files and more being added. For example the new Technical Support & Help Guides section has just been added, it's a work in progress right now though. Plus if you look inside the Games section you will see we now have pages for all the Command & Conquer games that have been released for various mobile platforms. Red Alert on your iPhone or iPad anyone?

CNCNZ.com is on a new path, a new mission. We aim to build this site even more over the next few months. We have a vision to create a monumental shrine to the Command & Conquer franchise. We are in a bit of a holding pattern right now in terms of the franchise's future. But for now, let's all focus on the now, and the past. Let's celebrate how far this franchise has come, because it's been one of hell of ride so far! You're not reading to get this ride yet are you?

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15,194,89 individual downloads

Is that missing a digit?

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Is that missing a digit?


No, one person was just a bit smaller than the rest.


Nice to see such a collection :)

Edited by NoSoldier

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Is that missing a digit?


Oops. Fixed that just now.


5gbs of storage? :o


No, the entire site, including the forums, is using 5.5 GB of disk space on our server.

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