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  1. Well, real Miniguns are a specific type of Gatling gun, which is already on the list. Weapons held by "Minigunners" in TD and ZH were about the most inconsistent things in the entire series.
  2. Future Nmenth's Research Lab articles will contain multiple technologies to basically "wrap up" whatever I haven't covered yet until I run out of ideas. The following is a list of all the article ideas I have remaining. Some of these I am certain I will be covering eventually, others may be rejected even on the second pass. Kirovs Bio Reactor Cloning Combat animals (dolphin, dog, bear, squid) Gatling guns Orbital weapons Siege Choppers Vacuum Imploder Stratospheric Transport SHRINK Beam Particle Cannon Cybernetics Stealth Genetic manipulation If there is any technology I have not yet covered, is not on the list, and you think should be covered, offer your suggestions. I will add them all to list unless there is a specific reason they can't be covered.
  3. Nmenth

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    Luckily, that doesn't change anything. It is still a suicidal attack, just robot suicide instead of human.
  4. Nmenth

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    To be honest, I'm not sure, which is why I didn't actually include them in the article. I think it might be possible, but as far as I know, no such device has ever been developed. And I suspect the reason for that is that it is unlikely such a weapon would be very efficient. It would probably require a lot of power to operate, have pretty bad range (since radiation is absorbed by the air, which is why the sun isn't currently killing us all right now and also why neutron bombs are so small - their blast area has to be smaller than the distance their radiation can reach), and probably would not be able to guarantee death as too many factors (such as exposure time, distance, and material between weapon and target) could interfere with it. "Living" through it would almost certainly be a horrible experience with possible later death due to radiation poisoning, or even later death due to cancer, which I'm sure would very quickly lead to it being banned as a war crime.
  5. It is the first Monday of December, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will examine the Nukes in Command & Conquer and see how they compare with real nuclear technology. This article marks the end of this format of Nmenth's Research Lab, which has now run for twelve months. Unfortunately, there are a finite number of concepts that can be considered throughout the series. That said, there are still many of some interest that were not covered, primarily due to insufficient material to stretch out into a full article. So when Nmenth's Research Lab returns in 2019 on the 7th of January, it will cover a range of lesser technologies instead of just one.
  6. Biblical genealogies span a ridiculous number of generations. Why stop at Cain's son when there is a whole family tree? I think the Biblical inspirations were kept pretty minor, and it may be better that way. It left C&C fans guessing as to Kane's true origins. While a son figure may have offered some interesting alternative stories, I think it would have drastically changed C&C as we know it. And since Kane is perfect as he is, any change from that is bound to have been worse.
  7. Nobody can say if a pirated version would work or not, since it isn't official, anything could be broken on it. There are also anti-piracy countermeasures intentionally put into the game that I am not very familiar with since I've never stolen the game. If you are currently using a pirated copy, then I would suggest getting a legitimate one first. It might not fix the problem, but it would be a waste of time trying to figure out the issue if it could just be down to that fact.
  8. Did you change the lines that are mentioned above? No, the game is not freeware.
  9. It is the first Monday of November, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will examine the Drones in Command & Conquer and see how they compare with real unpiloted combat robots. A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 3rd when I take a closer look at Nukes.
  10. Don't worry, they will add all of that content at a later date that you can buy individually, each at the price of a complete, newly released AAA title.
  11. Nmenth

    Dev Detector: Eric Gooch

    Must be down again, it doesn't load for me...
  12. It is Tiberian Twilight, not Tiberium Twilight.
  13. A Tiberian Twilight remaster retconned remake would be ideal.
  14. Nmenth

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Mechs

    That doesn't even make sense... None of it matters though, a normal vehicle will always be more cost efficient and less vulnerable. You are just throwing insanely expensive technology at it in an attempt to get it merely on par with a tank. An Abrams tank costs about $9 million. With a bit of rough calculating, I estimate (with a high error margin, since some of those technologies haven't been developed yet) your proposed walker at about the same weight would cost well over one billion. Additionally, it would be slower (if it could move at all, since its joints are literally liquid), easier to spot, weaker, and have extremely high operational costs.