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  1. So there will be a Duke Nukem movie after all?

    Despite or because of? I don't think development hell ever helped a title...
  2. Pic of the Day

    Nuke fan? NUKE FAN? That's "Nuclear weapons enthusiast" to you, peasant. By the way, that is Upshot-Knothole: Badger in the background.
  3. Pic of the Day

    Never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and after briefly reading its plot on Wikipedia, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with nuclear weapons. I see at least one person on their Facebook was offended by this obvious joke though, apparently another victim of the same media fear mongering that lead to the unnecessary levels of panic presented in PurpleGaga27's post above.
  4. EA and Micro Transactions

    The existence of a patent means nothing. People are just jumping aboard the EA hate train at any opportunity.
  5. Blade Runner 9732 (A VR experience)

    VR "experience" might be more accurate than VR "game" here...
  6. Maybe he won't say it a third time if you don't post observations that anyone below the rank of captain in the obvious brigade already noticed.
  7. Forged Battalion

    The over-saturated cartoony style graphics seem to have been "inspired" from RA3 too.
  8. Pic of the Day

    I was listening to some music when I noticed these tracks won't be made for another 33779 years. I'm a bit disappointed in the quality of music they're making. I mean, it isn't unpleasant, I just expected something more after thirty thousand years of technological advancements. I suppose my primitive headphones can't handle it to its full potential.
  9. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Satisfied because you enjoyed it, or satisfied it was finally over and you could get out? Based on some of the reviews I've heard, I honestly don't know which. I'm going to guess you liked it though, as even the people who weren't so pleased with it thought it was entertaining at the time and only concluded just how bad they found it upon reflection.
  10. I have a long list of things that will be covered, Tesla Coils is one of them.
  11. Along with the new year comes a new feature, Nmenth's Research Lab is where I take a look at the technology used in the Command & Conquer series and compare it to how it would work in reality. A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. For the month of January, it is Lasers and Prisms. Return next month on the 5th when I take a closer look at the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).
  12. Does anyone here invest in Bitcoin?

    Investing in bitcoin is not a wise move for causal investors, as it is extremely volatile. In countries with an unstable currency prone to high inflation, it might be useful as an alternate currency though. Bitcoins are immaterial and so are incomparable to gold or diamonds; which is worth more, a t oz of gold or a t oz of bitcoins? The value per bitcoin is pretty irrelevant. It is usually traded in smaller decimal units, down to 1/100,000,000, which is worth about US$0.0002.
  13. I will not consider any new legislation acceptable. It is an authoritarian overreaction when not buying the product is a far easier and more sensible approach. Have people been enjoying too much freedom in the modern world that any minor grievance must now be met with legal subjugation?
  14. It is an argument against any and all content that one pays for which is not guaranteed to remain available after servers go down. It is an argument against microtransaction in the same way that blowing up a barn is a valid way to kill an intrusive rat. Maybe you want to take down the barn anyway, but that doesn't make the "because of rat" argument valid.
  15. Now you're just moving the goalposts.