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  1. Infantry are sprites. Vehicles are voxel. I might be useful if you were to describe what exactly you had in mind.
  2. Nmenth

    Been a few years

    There is also the Tencent abomination Red Alert Online. C&C perhaps would have been better left dead than to see that horror in the light of day.
  3. Nmenth

    Hola, Everybody!

    You're late this time, you should have made your pronouncement in 2023. Your love for C&C may be dwindling. 2007 2011 2015 2019
  4. Nmenth

    26 Years And Counting

    I don't think official C&C will come back in any acceptable capacity. C&C only lives on in its community now, but Kane lives.
  5. Due to the forums's file limitations, I have to post it here as a zip rather than a raw audio file. gunitpra.zip
  6. The Cartoon and Conquer archives usually only get updates on the anniversaries of the strip, May 10th, but, while there is nothing particularly special about today, I have added a new page of content to Cartoon and Conquer. This new page features all of the non-canon strips I ever created that were related to Cartoon and Conquer. It seems a shame to have these hidden in various alcoves across the internet where they were relevant at their time, but now they are all collected into the archives where they belong. Follow the link to view all of the Cartoon and Conquer non-canon strips: https://cncnz.com/hosted-projects/cartoon-and-conquer/cartoon-and-conquer-non-canon-strips/
  7. Nmenth

    25 Years Online

    I think the future of C&C fansites is ultimately tied to the future of C&C, and I don't see much future in that, unfortunately. While some people still care, you can't keep a community alive with a number of people that can be counted on your fingers. I think fansites like this one will just become archives of information for modders and an occasional troubleshooting inquiry. Unless EA does something worthwhile with the franchise - which is not likely, the days of a thriving community and active discussions is over and there is nothing any of us who remain can do about that.
  8. According to an anonymous person with no source to back it up, Joe Kucan confirmed that as an inspiration back in 2009 (they also misspelled his name).
  9. My first C&C was the original C&C. Still not interested in playing Sole Survivor.
  10. This is one of those strange dichotomy things where I really like that it is happening... but have no interest in using it myself.
  11. You can't kill the CNCNZ.com.
  12. Don't hijack a nine year-old thread to ask an unrelated question, start your own topic.
  13. He should though. He'd probably bring some life back here.
  14. Text is managed in ra2.csf. Find and download RA2StrEdit to edit it and add new strings. These new strings will not be stored with the map file, so if you transfer the map to anyone else, they will also need the .csf file to see your custom text.
  15. That's the intended result. You clone a building by copy/pasting the factory's code, then you add TechLevel=-1 to the clone so that the player doesn't get two identical factories in their building tab.