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  1. Hi, what do I use to open a .scb file to read it and edit it? And is there an official tool from EA for .SCB files? Thank You.
  2. Sir! Not anyone can win with hacks in this game if he plays vs 7 brutal AI steamroller, that is what I mean. Sometimes I lose even if I hacked. At least hacking this game makes it easier.
  3. Because I built 7000 units! and I fought 7 brutal AI steamroller GDI, and not anyone can win with hacks! sometimes I win hardly! in 4 hours and because it was an epic battle. Look I am not the best person in this game and I don't care about boasting or being the best, I am just a hacker and I am having fun playing with hacks. And I make Epic battles, I mean I play vs 7 brutal AI steamroller GDI for 3 hours! or more than 3 hours! I see that your favorite game is kane's wrath right? Great!!!! let me teach you how to hack this game, Me and you vs 6 brutal AI steamroller GDI, it won't be easy , we will keep defending until their tiberium is finished also their will be a lot of focusing and lag and also will take a lot of time. but what about their super weapons? Well, we might find a good strategic plan to destroy them, some times I destroy them, and sometimes my plan fails and then they hit me with their super weapons, every time I play vs 7 brutal AI I get hit with their super weapons maybe ................ more than 12 times, but don't worry we can build again and again and again and keep defending the gates. believe me this is fun. because we play "2 vs 6" Brutal AI steamroller GDI. the GDI army gives a big challenge, they have juggernauts and snipers and other things. The secret of winning, is the map type:- is the gate large or how many gates in the map, or the gate is small, or the area of building is not enough, ..... ETC.
  4. Really? 3fps? yes I used hack but the game wasn't easy, there was many lag and heavy actions because of my 7000 units and the Ai's Units, and also because I had to focus on every building, on every gate to defend, By the way don't think there was an auto click,, I click by myself on everything and that is another reason makes the game hard when I play vs 7 brutal AI steamroller, it was an Epic battle! hacking kane's wrath is really fun, because that makes me fight 7 Brutal AI steamroller for 5 hours! sometimes I win and sometimes I lose because of the maps, if the maps have many gates then I am dead or maybe not because I have my own strategic plans. By the way I can give all the AI unlimited money too, that makes them fight me for many hours, I did that once and I didn't realize that. When I hack against 1 AI or 3 AI this is boring because my army will be larger than their armies, but 7 .... that gives me a big challenge.
  5. The game doesn't lie, I built 7000 thousand units and there is a clue. By the way I don't know what the meaning of "Avg income rate per minute".
  6. Yes and I lost, did I say that I won? No, I took 5 hours then I lost. it Was a game full of lag. you don't want to play it. but can you build 7000 units as I did? And hold the gate for 5 hours like me? If you can't then you have no explanation. By the way I figured out why I lost. Now I am pretty sure I can win this in 3 hours using 7000 units, but I won't record because the video maybe will be 35 GB, last time I recorded it was 35 GB so I didn't upload it then I deleted it. I won some maps 1 vs 7, they all were brutal AI , I take 3 or 4 hours to finish that kind of matches. I build 7000 units. I dare you to do what I did, 7000 units. Not a troll my friend: it is about defending or attacking with 7000 units. None of you has an explanation for that. I am the master.
  7. Hi, I was playing in a normal map 1 vs 7 brutal AI steamroller GDI, I took maybe 5 hours.

    Community Patch Spotlight: Zero Hour v1.06

    Where are the servers? I clicked multiplayer then network and found nothing then I clicked on online and clicked on Create Account and it says Couldn't Connect to online Zero Hour.