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  1. I'll wait to see the full animated sequence before passing judgement. I see some puffs of dust ahead of the shockwave for some reason, and if the fireball is already this big while still bright white, it might be a bit oversized for the low-yield tactical nuke they should be using in a battlefield setting. A nuke of that scale will certainly reach the cannon that fired it. That lump on the right side looks like the beginning of a secondary fireball, which is common in animated mushroom clouds, but very rare in real ones. I don't really have a problem with that though, as double fireball nukes look more impressive and a realistic depiction of a low-yield tactical nuclear explosion would probably be underwhelming.
  2. Nmenth's Research Lab isn't being written anymore, but disc grenades were covered in the Grenades article.
  3. Future Nmenth's Research Lab articles will contain multiple technologies to basically "wrap up" whatever I haven't covered yet until I run out of ideas. The following is a list of all the article ideas I have remaining. Some of these I am certain I will be covering eventually, others may be rejected even on the second pass. Kirovs Bio Reactor Cloning Combat animals (dolphin, dog, bear, squid) Gatling guns Orbital weapons Siege Choppers Vacuum Imploder Stratospheric Transport SHRINK Beam Particle Cannon Cybernetics Stealth Genetic manipulation If there is any technology I have not yet covered, is not on the list, and you think should be covered, offer your suggestions. I will add them all to list unless there is a specific reason they can't be covered.
  4. But tiberium isn't an element...
  5. Nmenth

    AI on skirmish is so hard

    Be aware of last post dates and try not to necropost two-year old topics.
  6. Nmenth

    Best Anime Of All Time

    You necroposted this from 2008. Don't do that.
  7. Abraham Lincoln's administration saw the largest number of American deaths, mainly due to the civilwarovirus epidemic.
  8. Nmenth

    Good Day, Everybody!

    Interesting you would say that...
  9. Nmenth

    Good Day, Everybody!

    He returns every four years to proclaim his love for C&C and that he is a GAYLORD. 2007 2011 2015
  10. You could mod them out.
  11. Nmenth

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    Too bad they weren't able to get a hold of the raw footage. The upscaling isn't horrific, though it does get a bit wonky in some spots, like the truck driving up the hill.
  12. We had to take down the content we were hosting at his insistence. There may be an alternative soon.
  13. They will be found in various locations. I've never attempted to transfer a unit backwards, so I'm not sure what all the challenges in doing so may be, but I do know that not every unit will be compatible.
  14. First letter is faction (C=civilian), second letter is palette (A=arctic), next two are location (WA=Washington DC), the rest indicate the specific structure. In this case, the PrerequisiteOverride is pointing to the pieces of the Pentagon. If this comes from the unmodded rules, then this is for the SEAL being craftable if you own any piece of the Pentagon.
  15. Default Generals doesn't have icons. Zero Hour does.
  16. That... is a weird bug. I have never seen anything like it.
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    Been A While, eh Lads

    We can't keep the site alive by ourselves. This forum requires an active community too.
  18. Be patient, these forums do not see extremely high traffic.
  19. If you aren't planning on publishing the mod, you don't even need a .mix, you can just leave the files loose in your directory. A .mix would only make it cleaner.
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    Hello Mod Community

    I am me. I wasn't here yet in 2003, but I have been here long enough to remember you. I told you that your cowbell quote was wrong and gave you the transcript so you could correct it. I am not really that familiar with most of the current mod projects, but if you join our Discord, I think many of the modders are present there, even if there isn't a huge amount of discussion regarding them.
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    Good Day, Everybody!

    Alright, see you 2023 then, Ragweed.
  22. Nmenth

    Hello Mod Community

    There are still plenty of mods being worked on. I don't know how many people from 2003 are still around though.
  23. Nmenth

    RA2 In-Game Problem

    Sometimes the anti-piracy got a little trigger happy, even with legit copies. I'm not sure what specifically causes it, maybe someone else does, but sometimes just reinstalling it works.
  24. It is the first Monday of April, so it is time for one last Nmenth's Research Lab. This month we will look at some of the more powerful weapons in Command & Conquer, including the Particle Cannon, Orbital Strike, and Vacuum Imploder to see how these compare with reality. This will be the final edition of Nmenth's Research Lab as, unfortunately, there are a finite number of technologies to explore in Command & Conquer, and it is preferable to quit while they are still interesting.