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  1. “Petroglyph should get the rights to the C&C franchise” I think this is only a smaller part of the larger poorly-considered statement, "EA should sell the rights to the C&C franchise." I have honestly considering writing an entire article just on why this is such a stupid statement for the past few months, but I'm not sure I can write it in a way that isn't boring. “Red Alert 3 is all cartoony” If you hear people actually say this, I wouldn't be surprised. However, you may be misrepresenting what is normally said, "Red Alert 3 is too cartoony," which is a completely legitimate complaint, even if you personally disagree with it. Cartoony is also ≠ cheesy. “All Red Alert 3 does is advertise to teens who love to see boobs on the screen” This statement is hyperbolic, but your response takes it literally. The complaint is against the extent to which RA3 went with the sexual undertones and costumes, which far surpassed any previous or future title. As with above, it is a completely legitimate complaint, even if you personally disagree with it. I think the rest of the article is fair.
  2. CNCNZ Updates - September 2017

    I find my vocabulary lacking in coming up with adequate words to articulate what I think of that comment. I don't mean that figuratively either, I literally started writing several responses and ended up deleting them all because I simply couldn't express myself. I will just put it this way, the universe will suffer heat death before that happens.
  3. LoopCount=1 ; animation plays once LoopCount=-1 ; animation loops forever
  4. CNCNZ Updates - September 2017

    Yes it has, but never with you as the victim. We've rolled back the real abuse, so it's not your problem.
  5. What, specifically, is the "pile of shame"? An upfront definition would have been nice. I gather it is games owned, but one is ashamed to admit they've never beaten? There are a great many games I own and have never beaten, as I generally get bored with them before reaching the end, and if I return to them later, I prefer to start over from the beginning rather than load up a stale save (rinse and repeat). The list of games I actually have beaten would likely be shorter. However, I am not ashamed to admit it about any of them.
  6. Updating / Moving CNCNZ.com

    I noticed the maximum allowed videos per post has been raised. Was this intentional, and if so, why? Also, apparently archived posts will not show up in search results. I consider this a huge issue against archiving old topics.
  7. Will Uncle Sam be doomed this month?

    The only question I am wondering is how little can one understand international politics and still think they are qualified to speak on it? I have a feeling the answer is somewhere in the realm of unquantifiably tiny.
  8. Did you forget to link said guide?
  9. Yes, but it is used for specific maps, not the game in general. I am not sure how good it is compared to other editing tools since I never used any others. As I expected. I did think of the idea of using building clones, and I see that seems to have been the go-to trick for modders in the past.
  10. Probably, but I don't know where. There are ways to circumvent almost everything. And if it is hard coded, then people use something like Ares to circumvent it anyway. Yes, the default AI is not very fleshed out. I never used it myself, or any other AI editing tools aside from what can be found in FinalAlert 2.
  11. Updating / Moving CNCNZ.com

    I guess it's time to pull this out again...
  12. The AI are prevented from building more than one War Factory for balancing reasons. I can't remember if it is hard coded though. Dreadnaught is probably only scripted to attack ship yards, you would need to add more scripts for it. Siege Chopper... not sure, it might only be scripted to defend the base or maybe it is hard to script because it has to deploy. I think the AI's eagerness to do anything is managed with weighting, so you would have to change the weight on Engineers scripted to capture Oil Derricks. I'm not very well-versed in AI modding, I lost interest in modding before I got very deep into it and it's been so long I'm forgetting details as well, so I can't really give you more specific answers.
  13. I think those are usually in the minority for uncontroversial titles.
  14. My gift to you for still being alive

    Wow, and a photo of your monitor instead of a screenshot too. That's some high quality content there.
  15. If you want an RTS where you don't have to build the base, you don't want an RTS, you want an RTT.
  16. Tooth & Tail

    Didn't read the whole topic? Side note, I acquired the Majesty 2 Collection on Saracen's recommendation.
  17. 21 voices in C&C Generals, 1 guy

    Most of those weren't too bad, a couple even pretty good, but an expert impersonator he is not.
  18. Tooth & Tail

    No, Pretenders to the Throne. On topic: I have nothing to say that is on topic...
  19. Fixing this for a modder with the right tools is super easy. In fact, it is too easy. No modder would waste their time (all 60 seconds of it) making a patch that only fixes this one thing. Additionally, the "patch" would require a new csf file to rename the units. This is problematic since it would infringe on any other mod that also uses a modified csf file. Since modders, by definition, make mods, making a patch that interferes with mods is like shooting themselves in the foot. A fix for this is likely included in many mods or patches as a very (very) tiny side bonus, but you will probably be hard-pressed finding a patch that only does this. Even if I were to make a patch for this, I would be overcome with the temptation to sneak in extra changes like fixing all of the Gattling misspellings.
  20. Tooth & Tail

    Doesn't look like it, he skips over far too much of the mission to be helpful. That actually was the biggest problem with the other video I mentioned too, that guy also skipped over the part where his base was annihilated and rebuilt, just saying it happened. It has little to do with the topic though, so I'll say no more about it.
  21. Tooth & Tail

    I have the Majesty 2 Collection. Not being able to control your heroes isn't really a problem most of the time, but there are much greater weaknesses to that game that are likely an indirect consequence of the mechanic. Losing a mission also doesn't feel the same as usual games; the challenge is not skill and tactics, rather it is more like money management and predicting the future. It is still an ok game and, up until I reached a mission where the AI was allowed to cheat and circumvent the limitations imposed on me, I enjoyed paying it. I never beat that mission, and the only YouTube video I found showing how to beat it still had the player lose most of his base halfway through and need to completely rebuild.
  22. Mammoth tank ASSEMBLED!

    I suppose it is the uncanny valley of military hardware. Walkers are too ridiculous to take seriously, but the tanks look close enough to reality that the lack of realism becomes more notable.
  23. Mammoth tank ASSEMBLED!

    Is it capable of moving any parts, or is it rigid? I almost wish I wasn't aware of how horrifically C&C's tank designs would function in real life though (ah, the sheer volume of shot traps on that thing), so I could appreciate it more.
  24. Singleplayer cheats

    There is the likely unintentionally left in developer's teleport cheat. Open the map, hold ctrl and click anywhere to instantly be moved to that position. Potentially game breaking if you skip over mission check points.