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  1. That... is a weird bug. I have never seen anything like it.
  2. Nmenth

    Been A While, eh Lads

    We can't keep the site alive by ourselves. This forum requires an active community too.
  3. Be patient, these forums do not see extremely high traffic.
  4. If you aren't planning on publishing the mod, you don't even need a .mix, you can just leave the files loose in your directory. A .mix would only make it cleaner.
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    Hello Mod Community

    I am me. I wasn't here yet in 2003, but I have been here long enough to remember you. I told you that your cowbell quote was wrong and gave you the transcript so you could correct it. I am not really that familiar with most of the current mod projects, but if you join our Discord, I think many of the modders are present there, even if there isn't a huge amount of discussion regarding them.
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    Good Day, Everybody!

    Alright, see you 2023 then, Ragweed.
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    Hello Mod Community

    There are still plenty of mods being worked on. I don't know how many people from 2003 are still around though.
  8. Nmenth

    RA2 In-Game Problem

    Sometimes the anti-piracy got a little trigger happy, even with legit copies. I'm not sure what specifically causes it, maybe someone else does, but sometimes just reinstalling it works.
  9. It is the first Monday of April, so it is time for one last Nmenth's Research Lab. This month we will look at some of the more powerful weapons in Command & Conquer, including the Particle Cannon, Orbital Strike, and Vacuum Imploder to see how these compare with reality. This will be the final edition of Nmenth's Research Lab as, unfortunately, there are a finite number of technologies to explore in Command & Conquer, and it is preferable to quit while they are still interesting.
  10. They extended it because they screwed up and the code didn't work until the day was nearly over.
  11. Nmenth

    Black Zone

    Moved to Command & Conquer: General Discussion since this is not Community News.
  12. Heh, the code doesn't work. Bethesda is getting blasted by all of their fans for screwing up yet again.
  13. Nmenth


    I don't know of any C&C that civilians can't be killed, unless they are never present. The only thing I can think of that comes close to you not being allowed to kill civilians was the cut Generals mission, Black Sheep, where the GLA wiped out a town of civilians with Toxin Tractors. The mission was pretty boring though, so it was no great loss.
  14. I'm not really sure what to say about them. I don't think they were intended to be using Gatling guns, so I have no idea why they were given that name.
  15. It is the first Monday of March, so it is time for another Nmenth's Research Lab, this month we will look at a few of the less-fanciful, but still unconventional weapons in Command & Conquer, including Gatling Guns, Flamethrowers, and Ramjet Rifles and see how these compare with reality. New technologies will be explored on the first Monday of every month, so return next month on the 1st for more from Nmenth's Research Lab.
  16. They haven't made multiple mistakes. They made one lengthy mistake of pandering to the wrong people, and some financially good decisions that are unpopular, but will benefit them in the long term.
  17. Competent businessmen can still make mistakes. Your post hoc fallacy proves nothing. They made a calculated risk to pander to shareholders and game journalists at the expense of their fans. It backfired because they didn't expect their fans to have a powerful voice to rally them together. Now they know who else they need to start throwing bones to. By this time again next year, I fully expect EA will be doing just fine and everyone will still hate them.
  18. That is exactly what I am seeing right now from a bunch of people whose total understanding of business could fit up a dung beetle's exhaust pipe. You don't have to like it. I don't like it. I hate EA, Rivals, and the whole gaming industry's tactics, but it is the truth. EA will most likely pull out of this current slump, will make boatloads of money, and treat all of their customers like landfill rats.
  19. They are as far as EA is concerned. And eventually, the numbers will win, the numbers always win. A few road bumps are not relevant in the grand scheme. As I said, it will take time to refine the process. The "entire community" only moves in one direction when a minority of people can command the crowd as their leaders, these are the influencers. The governments only cared because of the publicity, which again, was due to the influencers raising a stink over it. The influencers are the cogs in the machine and if when EA can learn how turn the cogs to their tune, the "entire community" will dance to that tune. That is the equivalent of saying the PC gaming market or console market is oversaturated. While it is theoretically possible to have too many games for sale at one time on one platform, it is not a serious concern to any company. No, it is more reassuring to the shareholders to blame others. Some of the shareholders might even know EA is feeding them lines, but the last thing they want to hear from EA is, "Yeah, we screwed up big time. Mistakes were made left and right, but we have a vague plan or two that we hope will pan out in the short term, and in the long term, none of this really matters anyway."
  20. Battle Royale is a genre that is being oversaturated. Mobile is a platform that is on the rise and has no signs of slowing. The comparison is not valid.
  21. Mobile games currently account for a larger percent of the gaming market than either console or PC games and are expected to reach 50% of gaming revenue by 2020. EA is doubling down because betting on mobile is the smart financial move right now. EA has been floating in a reputation cess pit for a while and have taken several hard hits of more bad publicity over the past year. Their coffers are starting to feel the strain of it all and they are obligated to take it seriously at this time, but they aren't about to blame themselves for it in front of their shareholders who couldn't tell the difference between Pong and C&C: Rivals if their lives depended on it. I am certain the C&C remaster wouldn't have even be considered at this time last year. The remaster was an ideal move at the moment they took it on, it will cost much less to make than a new title, will reduce C&C fans sabotaging their more profitable mobile release, and will grant them a cheap reputation boost if it succeeds and not really hurt too badly if it flops. Every decision they make and everything they say to their shareholders makes complete sense from a business point of view. EA has been snubbing their customers in the past because they know most customers are ignorant and easily manipulated. Previously, it was game journalists and news sites that told customers what to think, but companies figured out how to control them and they are no longer a serious threat as long as the companies give them what they want. But a new monkey wrench was unexpectedly thrown into the gears in the form of influencers on social media, who also have the power to persuade EA's customers. The few squeaky wheels who got offended by the way big publishers were treating the fans didn't use to matter, the majority would keep buying product. But once those squeaky wheels found places like YouTube, where they could complain to audiences of millions, suddenly the minority's voice held sway. They still don't need to play nice with their customers, now they just need to suppress the influencers by giving them what they want too (oh look, a shiny C&C remaster). It may take them some time to refine their tactics to achieve this and have to be careful to avoid transforming the influencers into untrustworthy voices (i.e. shills). Eventually, they will figure out a technique, and their current need to be concerned with their bad reputation will no longer matter once again. People say "vote with your wallet," but unless, by some miracle, even a tiny portion of people actually do so, and by their own conscience rather than being told to do so by someone else, EA does not need to move one toe closer toward what fans want them to be. Since that will never happen, EA wins, and the squeaky minority can suck it.
  22. It is the first Monday of February, so it is time for another Nmenth's Research Lab, this month we will look at special infantry in Command & Conquer, covering Mutants, Cyborgs, and Clones and see how these compare with reality. New technologies will be explored on the first Monday of every month, so return next month on the 4th for more from Nmenth's Research Lab.
  23. Nmenth

    Rivals isn't that bad

    In other news, getting shot in the foot isn't that bad. While you're still in shock, you may not even notice the pain. Shock wears off eventually, and it will start hurting then, but there are always painkillers for that. If the bullet misses your bones, it isn't even that major of a wound. You probably don't need to walk much anyway, and you can win all sorts of sympathy points during recovery. You might even get a wheelchair if you're lucky, and those can be pretty fun to scoot around in. There are problems with having a bullet hole in your foot obviously, but the body heals naturally and a splint can help prevent accidentally reopening the wound. But getting shot in the foot is definitely better than getting shot in the eye.
  24. It is the first Monday of January, so to start off the second year of Nmenth's Research Lab, this month we will examine some of the unusual aircraft in Command & Conquer, including the Kirov, Siege Chopper, and S.H.R.I.N.K. Beam and see how these compare with reality. New technologies will be explored on the first Monday of every month, so return next month on the 4th for more from Nmenth's Research Lab.
  25. Ah... I thought I could help you, but as I started writing a response, I discovered that I haven't modded AI in so long, I completely forgot what I was doing.