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Guest Rabbit

Mission List (Spoiler Alert)

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Guest Rabbit

So this is my mission list as it stands right now. There's the missions I've already put in place, and a list of missions that I need to put in the game. I won't be following the list strictly, but it gives a good idea of some of the directions the game can go in. There's always room to expand and improve.


Feel free to suggest any additional missions or any particular order you think would work appropriately between any missions.



Active RDI Missions:

  • (Act I) Brotherhood is passing by on route 1. Destroy them.
  • Nod has a scout in the area. Find and eliminate him.
  • Infiltrate Nod Temple where scout originated. Steal intel.
  • Defend RDI Outpost, Bring stolen intel to Fiesta Gardens research lab.
  • Find officer in Spruce Corridor. Determine whether he is spying for the Brotherhood. (Discover Blue Tiberium)
  • Lead a group of men to secure Spruce Corridor. Blue Tiberium caches destroy the town, knocking Shawn out.
  • (Act II) Escape from brotherhood captivity.
Active Brotherhood Missions:







Projected RDI Missions (No Particular Order. Colored dots represent connected missions):

  • Steal tiberium based weapons from Nod
  • Steal maps highlighting Nod underground entrances
  • Rescue Eva
  • Defend South from Nod Attack
  • Assassinate Kane's right hand man
  • Assassinate Dr. Robbins
  • Destroy Tiberium creature farm
  • ·Spy on Nod Tiberium testing
  • ·Save Reese from Tiberium testing
  • ·Save other TIberium test subjects OR Save Tiberium weapons before Nod closes in.
  • Capture Nod Transport (Bad intel says it's Kane)
  • Defend Fiesta Gardens outpost
  • Mount an attack on Kane's castle
  • Find Kane in castle (Save world from Nod ending)
  • Protect town from Tiberium creature attack
  • ·Patrol suspicious territory (get captured)
  • ·Escape from brotherhood prison / captivity
  • ·Explore local Nod town to look for key to intercepted message
  • ·Based on message, find the location to random hideout. Hideout has notes that point to an unknown location.
  • ·Scout the possible location of an information cache (tacitus). Mutants attack Nod, trying to retrive it, pushing you back. You leave to plan.
  • ·You call Reese for help. She has by now begun early stages of mutation, and will be perfect for stealing the tacitus and putting the blame on the mutants.
  • ·Optional mission: You can save the mutants from a resulting Nod counterattack.
  • ·Investigate earthquakes (discover veins and vein hole monster)
  • ·Report information, perform tests (discover chemical and Nod testing)
  • ·Follow Nod group to their base, destroy all their chemical storage units
  • ·Destroy the veinhole monster OR defend it from Nod and claim it for RDI.
  • Defend outpost from Nod test subjects (initiates and acolytes)
  • Determine location of production cave and fight your way to the entrance. Set up camp.
  • Destroy Tiberium ascention lab.
  • Nod is testing tiberium in the snow. Stop them.
  • Defend Council of Elders + King during important meeting of the future of RDI.
Projected Nod Missions (No Particular Order. Colored dots represent connected missions):
  • Steal Tiberium Research from RDI
  • Kill Nod lieutenant making deals with RDI
  • Fake RDI attack on civilian village
  • Kill mutant leader while disguised as RDI
  • Capture mutants and civilians to research tiberium effects on humans
  • Steal gold from RDI
  • ·Kidnap a group of RDI (Reese is one of them)
  • ·Help free Reese, sneaking her through Nod outposts
  • Poison town to create mutants
  • spread Tiberium
  • Lead creatures to RDI camp
  • Assassinate Logan
  • Assassinate Elders
  • Assassinate King
  • Find secrets in Kane castle
  • Use Tiberium Bomb to blow up something important (Reese interrupts and you will fail, this is where you learn Reese is now with RDI)
  • Tiberium experiments have gone haywire. Kill all rogue creatures attacking Nod
  • ·Retrieve intel from Kane's quarters in Nod underground
  • ·Reese steals intel, RDI's last stand against the castle takes place. You both try to sneak in together.
  • Take part in Tiberium infusion
  • ·RDI is testing something new. Find out what it is (It's Tiberium-resistant armor)
  • ·Lead a team to the production center - destroy it
  • RDI has found a tunnel entrance. Defend it or destroy it.
  • ·Fight your way out of a Brotherhood mutiny and report it to Kane's right hand man
  • ·Seek and destroy 3 rebel propaganda groups
  • ·Locate Rebel HQ
  • ·Eliminate rebel leadership
  • ·Kane tells you to hide the Tacitus in a specific location. As you hide it, mutants attack. Fend them off.
  • ·Later, you are told the mutants successfully acquired the tacitus, and you must recover it. Look for clues.
  • ·It turns out RDI has it. Storm their outpost near the mutant village, find it.
  • ·Intel in the outpost reveals it is in the nearby RDI castle. Instigate the mutants into attacking.
  • ·Recover the tacitus while the mutants attack.
  • Steal large weapons cache from RDI.

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