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GDI's Stolen Vehicle Assault

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We had a massive vehicle rush on Field an hour ago (EKT marathon server) and it was all organized by a few of us who stole and somehow managed to aquire lots of Nod vehicles. I've been told a YouTube video is going to be uploaded since all of it was recorded in 720p (we'll have to wait and see), but until then here are some of the screenshots from this legendary assault. It was a hell of a lot fun to participate in! Enjoy!

Imgur Album Link: http://imgur.com/a/pHxS8#0




GDI won during this massive rush ofcourse. ^_^

A lot of Nod's players were just standing there in awe commenting on how awesome this attack was, can't say I blame them haha!

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More videos to come, hopefully starring as many server regulars!

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embedded video

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If only everyone had listened and just got in Nod vehicles only for the first wave and backed it up with meds straight afterwards. Nevertheless it was great fun!

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