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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Great movie. Self-contained rather than a planned trilogy that drags on, while still being connected to the rest of the Star Wars story in a clear way. Nice to see something from a perspective other than a Jedi or Jedi-to-be.




I wonder just how much ended up on the cutting room floor. They even changed the typeface of the title.


But for a complete 180, I just discovered that there's actually added unused footage from A New Hope in Rogue One. :ohttp://www.slashfilm.com/old-star-wars-footage-in-rogue-one



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Do we still need spoilers? When does a spoiler warning expire? I think 2 weeks is more than enough time to protect those who really care... if you haven't seen it after then... it's your own fault not the internet's!





I was thinking about the comparisons with FA and RO. I much preferred the way it handled nostalgia in Rogue, with the small cameos. I disliked immensely the reusing of ideas in Force Awakens. All the rebel heroes in Force Awakens were interesting and memorable, and the film didn't need to retread the original trilogy story ideas.


I would have preferred less CGI Tarkin, but I thought it was a ballsy move to put him in, and the performance was serviceable. It's more about Story. I think his presence undercuts Krennic's role, and I wished he came in at the end to take over after that failure. Or perhaps the idea of him as a hologram to Krennic, as the Emperor was to Vader in the Original Trilogy would have made more sense story wise IMO. Swooping in at the end to pick up the pieces after the debacle at the beach...


I also was underwhelmed by Vader boarding the ship. Yes it was cool, but I kinda expected more based on the prequel trilogies and even the power of freezing a blaster bolt in mid air from the force awakens. It also begs the question, why did he lead the charge for Rogue One, but let the storm troopers do it for a New Hope? For fun, I wish Vader was occupied doing something else (being cool and fearsome) on the ship while the stormies board Leia's ship to connect it to New Hope.


But I'm being picky. I loved the movie. It was too slow at the start, but the end more than made up for it.



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