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  1. Gben

    Video of the day

    This SHIP just got real... Giggles from 2013... are still giggles!
  2. B2B... interesting execution. nice.
  3. Gben

    Now Playing - Games

    I finished Titanfall2 this week, had an absolute blast in SP. Haven't tried MP, I would probably be extremely outclassed because I suck at parkour. Enjoying Slime Rancher on the xbox, and currently trying to get all the achievements... I'm at ~47 of 57 or something like that.
  4. I guess it's no coincidence that the people wanting reputation systems retired appeared to be the ones most affected by it... Anyway, I think there is merit in a discussion about showing the post counts, for the reason Jeff mentioned. What is the purpose of the site???
  5. Pile of shame has always meant unfinished games to me, usually meaning it got too hard and you gave up. I have a big pile of unfinished games from lack of time, but like Nmenth says that's often more about boredom. For instance I started the original Mass Effect, and I don't think I got past the first 10-15mins. It looks like a game I should like, but I didn't. Of course on PC, my badly specd machine doesn't affect interest. Currently playing through the SP campaign of TitanFall 2 on xbone... what great fun. I absolutely SUCK at parkour though. If there was a PC entry to be made here, it would have to be Elite. This is lack of time, but I also struggled with controls. Bought it on xbone and got MUCH further, until I actually bot bored.
  6. Gben

    Now Playing - Games

    oh yeah, I tried to by SC:R but my credit card bounced and haven't had a chance to breathe and try again. busy busy busy.
  7. Cool, I forgot it was in SC and not in RA.
  8. Gben

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  9. Gben

    Video of the day

    Ad for local Streaming Service 'Stan". Giggles.
  10. Gben

    Now Playing - Music

  11. Gben

    Video of the day

    old but awesome
  12. Gben

    Tooth & Tail

    Well, looks fun. I'll keep an eye on it.
  13. Gben

    Coming Soon

    You were so wrong... haha.