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Tiberian Sun in PC Gamers 50 Best Free PC Games List

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PC Gamer has posted their list of the 50 Best Free PC Games. Each game has game brief description and links so you can download them. Tiberian Sun made the list in the number 3 spot.


03. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Westwood’s sequel is still one of the go-to RTS games. The fresh isometric viewpoint enabled terrain with variable height, while the day/night cycle brought the futuristic battlefield to life – even as the new mech units did their best to stomp it out. Along with many other early C&C games, it’s now freeware, playable online with support for newer PCs.


You can check out the full list right here. Remember, many of past Command & Conquer game have been released as freeware over the years. And we have them all available for download in our Freeware Classic Command & Conquer Games section.

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