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Dan Mat

No Music

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I remember that the more I advanced in the missions, more audio tracks were unlocked ... I'm now at the eighth mission but I have always the same three tracks ... I downloaded the full patched version and added even videos from my original cd. it all works but I still only have 3 audio tracks.

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I'm not really sure what you're talking about. The 1.06 patch is for C&C95. The "unlocking tracks" thing is in Red Alert 1, not in C&C. In C&C, you should have all music right from the start.

What exactly did you install, and where did you download it from? And, which tracks can you see in the playlist?

By the way, for C&C1, copying movies from the CD kind of doesn't work, since the archives on both CDs have the same name (movies.mix) but contain different videos. I advise you to download the videos pack from the website.

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