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Tiberium Alliances 16.4 Patch Features Preview

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About a week ago, a quick preview what's in store for the next major update to Tiberium Alliances was posted on the Tiberium Alliances Forums. So for those who are still actively playing this game, here's what you can expect to see in the very near future.


Veteran Server
A massive new server mode that was previously introduced separately and as one of the main features of the newest update. Please note, that the Veteran Server will be started independently to the 16.4 Update, and might launch prior to the 16.4 update deployment.

Recovery Time
We recently changed the PVP recovery time back to 24 hours, an unwanted side effect was that the PVE recovery time went also up to 24 hours, instead of 6. We now split the recovery times for destroyed bases for PVP and PVE Kills. The PVP Kill recovery time will be 24 hours, while the PVE recovery time will again be 6 hours.

Repair Time Change
The unit repair efficiency modifier is changed from 1.09 to 1.12. This will impact your repair costs in the later game. We want to give you a lot more repair time in the slower and later stages of the game. On a level 50 scale, you will have significant more repair time available as before and will be able to drive at least three times more attacks than today. We will get rid of the flawless long waiting times as wanted by the community for a very long time.

Reserve Base/Layout
A new function that will let you place an alliance marker to reserve a base/layout on the region view. Your Alliance can now be informed that you reserve and claim a specific base or layout. This is a visual marker only and will not hinder anyone to kill and claim the layout, though. This works like a regular Alliance Marker.

Minor fixes and plenty of tweaks related to the Veteran Server world.
All these changes will be added to the Public Test Environment in the near future. Please wait for a separate announcement regarding that. We are aware that some of you reported issues with relocation and the Forgotten re-spawn and relocating, please be aware that we do not ignore these reports and are currently working on a solution to this issue. We will release and deploy it to the game on a later stage.


You can share feedback about these impending changes in this topic on the Tiberium Alliances Forums.

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