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Rumour: Are EA Planning to Revive Command & Conquer?

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In the current state of gaming, we see a season of FPS games that oversaturate the market. Battleifled 1, CoD: Infinite Warfare and TitanFall 2 are all AAA shooters that have been released this year, with two of them being made by EA. With that, I'd say that another C&C FPS is highly unlikely, but we can dream!

Maybe EA could try pulling a Deadpool or a Rocket League; that is instead of doing what they usually do--trying to make a huge, bleeding edge, gritty, AAA shooter with a bloated team of 400 people and a colossal budget--use a smaller team with a smaller budget to come up with something fun with a strong core that isn't overly complicated. Deadpool had a budget of about $58 million and has grossed over $760 million. Rocket League only had a budget of about $2 million and it's a smash success at $70 million. The problem isn't the C&C IP, it's the corporate mindset that says anything less than a billion dollars or 300 million units moved is a failure even if it turns a profit.

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I'd always take a small team of artists, over a corporate assembly line of milestones...

Spend more money on the game and less on the advertising.


Although I feel sorry for Titanfall2...

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