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Tiberium Wars Community Mappack Project

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After yeas I have been working on this project, expecially converting Kane's Wrath assets to Tiberium Wars and compiled them was really hard to do, finally I managed to release the stable version of it with an installer. Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack brings new maps to the game. Apart from new and unique Tiberium Wars maps, map pack also includes some converted versions of popular Kane's Wrath maps.

You can download the map pack from ModDB:

Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack RC2 Installer

Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack RC2 Uninstaller

I will update it with new maps in next versions. I can also delete some of the maps if they won't suit Tiberium Wars game-play or ones which does not give variety of game of game-play.
Many thanks to all people who helped me to learn using Worlbuilder and ModSDK.

Kane's Wrath convertions were made from the original maps and also maps of Preadtore, 
CyristalNova, Mirza, Mr. Davidoff and Chris.

New maps were made by myself.
RC2 contains 50 new maps: 





Black's Big Struggle
Decrepit Arena
Downtown Battle Zone
Forest Arena
Infested Coastline
Mountain Pass
Pipeline Nightmares
Riverside Rumble (No Spike)
Smashed Decision
Smashed Dustbowl
Smashed Town USA
Tiberium Desert
Tiberium Zone
Tournament Stadium
Tournament Towerless
Tournament Undergrounds
Twilight City
Twisted Arena
Twisted Rift
Vertical Abyss
Vista Valley
Volcano Struggle
Winter Meltdown
Tiberium Zone
Tournament Airstrip
Tournament Badlands
Tournament Decision


Split Decision
Suburban Slaughterhouse
Tundra Triangle


Alpine Valleys
End of the Line
Forgotten Forest
Hurricane Lands
Oasis Onslaught
Suburban Arena
Tournament Shaft
Unsound Investment
Wasteland Dam


Isthmus of Insanity
Tiberium GardensIII


Black's Bigger Struggle
Burning Rage
Dark Waters
Tiberium Resistance
Tiberium Wasteland
Uphill Conflict


Nods Gardens
Tiberian Dunes

Hope you enjoy it!

**PS: There are some low-economy maps which I uploaded just for fun and see if people like them. Since I had lots of 1v1 maps and more than I need had the Tournament Rift kind of game style I changed some of their economy a bit. I will delete them in next versions if you want me to do. I would also delete most of these Tournament Rift style maps in next versions if community want me to do.

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