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Guest Rabbit

Ads for Community Sites

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Guest Stark

As you can see, the forums now have advertisements.

But don't fret! The advertisements are only links to other C&C sites around the community.  We will never advertise spammy links to products or services that are unrelated to Command & Conquer.  We will also never show ads with sound, video, or tracking of any kind.  Just wanted to make that clear.

Example Ad


Instead, we'd like to offer you all the opportunity to advertise with CNCNZ.com!  If you have a project or fansite connected to Command & Conquer, feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected].

Types of sites that we will link to:

  • C&C Mod Project Sites
  • Community News Sites
  • Multiplayer Services
  • Fan Content Sites/Blogs (As long as there is enough content to merit an ad)
  • Youtube Channels that feature regular ongoing C&C content or a cache of previous C&C content.

Types of content we will not link to:

  • Individual Videos
  • individual artwork
  • Newly formed sites that do not yet have enough content to warrant recognition.

We can create the ad for you or you can create it yourself!  Either way works!  And this service is entirely free! We just want to promote all of the current C&C sites in the community.  If you'd like to create your own ad image, it must simply fit the following criteria:

  • It must be 728px x 90px
  • You must send us an accompanying link to go with the image
  • The image must be relevant to what it is advertising, and must reflect Command & Conquer and C&C in a positive manner.
  • No clickbait ads (as in, no advertising a mod using pictures of features that are not a part of the mod, or pictures focused on tanya's tits, or something like that).

Please note that CNCNZ staff has the right to approve and deny ads based on what we see as appropriate, as per the rules above.

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Guest Rabbit

Thread unlocked so people can ask questions while this is still developing.

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