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Please Read Before Posting in the Tech Support Forum

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Before you post your problem in the Tech Support forum read through this check list. Providing us with these details will help us find a solution to your problem. Easier for us, easier for you.

  • Always post your system specs, CPU type & speed, OS, GFX card, RAM and amount of it, Motherboard, Direct X Version. It always helps to post the name of the game your having problems with. List the version number(s) of any patches you have installed for this game.
  • If your problem is related to an error message (or messages) , tell us exactly what the message(s) say, and what you did previously that may have caused the error to occur.
  • Look to see if someone else has also had the same problem, and see if the solution that was given works for you. (If one was given). Use the forum's search option.
  • Only post your problem in a new thread once. Creating lots of new threads for the same problem won't help - and it may result in them getting removed.
  • Never ask for CD Keys, hacks, cracks etc or volunteer information to where they may be found/located. Admitting that you use such hacks/cracks or that you circumvent copy-protection measures is liable to have the offending post edited/deleted and/or the thread closed. If you do, the post may be edited and/or deleted, and repeatedly doing so may result in a ban.
  • CNCNZ.com is in no way responsible for any damage or problems that may be a result of following advice given out by other members. All posted solutions are undertaken at your own risk.

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