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Guest Rabbit

Tiberium Legos - Designer Diary 01

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Guest Rabbit

Q: How did the series really come about?

Creating “Tiberium Legos” was not originally designed to be the big hit it was, I honestly only planned for it to be an episode here or there, maybe the occasional video to make the members laugh every now and then. Little did I realize that it would actually turn into the big hit that it became, but I’m glad to see that it did have quite a high amount of positive reactions, encouraging me to make more episodes. I figured that you can almost always come up with a good inside joke related to Command & Conquer, and this was really my way of expressing all the little bits of humor that form around the game.


Originally, the series as a whole was going to be set up on my own personal site, at Hypnotic-art.net (Click my ads! :) ). I created the site purely for the purpose of my video creations, but realizing that a lot of my friends from home would have no clue what the series was about, I quickly decided to keep the videos on a place where they’d truly be welcome, CNCNZ. This was probably somewhat of a wise decision, because Sonic was quick to react with his keen ability to create a page on the site dedicated specifically to the work I was going to create, and this really boosted the audience quite a lot.


Q: What inspired you to focus your movies on Command and Conquer?

To be honest, I didn’t really pay much to C&C in the beginning. It all originally started with occasional still animation movies left and right of my own, but they were always war-based. I’d always create some kind of military based video, with shooting involved some way or another, but it never originally focused on C&C. Once I bought a bunch of clay to go with the Legos I had, I started fooling around, creating different random objects, and eventually I got tired of my still animation as a whole, and I really just fooled around.


This really all changed when I randomly created a “Hover MR.” I was sitting around watching TV, and some Legos just happened to be around, so I thought, “why not just fool around?” I wound up creating a hovercraft, but I wound up mounting a cannon on it, and I immediately thought, “Let’s make this into a Lego movie.” C&C was the first thing that came to mind, since it was going to be intended as a hover vehicle, but because it was a cannon, and not the typical missile system you’d see on a hover vehicle, I originally planned for it to take place in the pre-Tiberian Sun era, where maybe it would start off with the designing of the tank.

After a rather large delay and a release of a preview which didn’t have a very good response, because of my inspiration for a video design by a Battlefield 2 video, I wound up restoring my original ideas, and I created a final Lego video, which started the Tiberium Legos series. This obviously grabbed rather well results, as I now have approximately 100 views or so per day.


Q: Why are you making another season?

I’m really designing it because of the fact that people are encouraging it. It’s hard to design an episode, but a part of me feels I have to, and then other parts of me feel I really want to do it not only for the fans, but for myself. After I finished the first season, it honestly brought me to a couple tears, because it was just something that I thought was a rather beautiful product. I honestly plan on creating multiple seasons though, for all the games. I’m choosing not to create a Generals-based project because I feel it would just be too unrelated to C&C and I believe it would drive people away. But I will see what happens in the future.


Q: What were some of the difficulties of working on the episodes you’ve already created?

Well, one major difficulty has always been creating projectiles or anything that really flies. I always try to work my way around any need for flying objects, but sometimes it is just necessary, like in Episode 3 and 4 with the helicopter. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to keep a large plane in the air, because I attempted to pull that move off a couple years ago in an independent project, but all I wound up doing is ruining a part of the ceiling in the guest room of my house.


Another little problem is the rather slow speed of my camera, as I seem to take pictures faster than it can register, so it has to pause for a minute or two to record some information, slowing me down quite a bit at times. Nothing too big, but, it’s just rather annoying.

I have to say the largest problem for me is the lack of actual space to work. I don’t have a massively large table to work on; all I have is little bits on top of my dresser or on top of a table that just happens to be clean at the moment, which is rather rare, because I’m usually already using it when I just dump Legos everywhere to work with.


Q: What are your plans for the next seasons? Anything special?

Well, along with the episodes themselves, I’m trying to get little skits in on the sidelines. Something in particular I’m going to work on is a side-series called “Teenage Einstein,” and I want to see how people like that, but in all honesty, I think that might only be good enough for one episode, or it might be something just to add on at the end of episodes, like the “GLA Diaries.”


Other than that, I plan on finishing this season with six or possibly seven episodes, then I will move onto the next C&C games, such as Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, Tiberium Wars, and eventually, Red Alert 3 (whether or not it gets released). Meanwhile, I also want to work on a full feature movie, with a little bit of everything.


Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

Well, I have to say thanks to all the people who still support me on a regular basis, and who have constantly supported every one of my episodes. Those who have even offered to mail me Lego designs or Legos themselves, thanks for trying to help me out.


Next designer diary: How to make a Lego video.

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I take my hat of to you, i have seen people make these kinda movies in my local theater... 3 days to make a 1 minute sketch :shock: ...Wish i could help out...


Anyways, good read, love the series... Keep'em coming!

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