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  1. G.a. Wisnu Krisastianto

    Mods that adds new generals to the game

    Where is the last time you download CnC Rising Sun
  2. G.a. Wisnu Krisastianto

    How to make fund transfer unit

    I think you need to download C&CGZHR if you want to spawn a UN Crates around battlefield (C&CGZHR = Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour Reborn)
  3. G.a. Wisnu Krisastianto

    Adding new units to C&C Zero Hour

    Can you tell me how to make China Overlord Tank's clone for US Forces (with US drones upgrades also without Propaganda Tower upgrade)?
  4. G.a. Wisnu Krisastianto

    how to beat superweapon general

    I agreed with that and also I Advice you to used GLA Toxin General. How to Play: Preparation 1 . Make sure you play with NO SUPERWEAPONS 2. Trains 5 workers 3. Start building Supply Stash and Barracks 4. Have you trains 2 Rebels and buy capture building upgrade as soon as the Barracks is finish 5. Start using Rebels to capture the Oil Derricks 6. When above is happened, take all the Supply Docks near your main base, build the Supply Stash and point them as Outposts 7. Build 3 small bases, those 3 must be: Near your base, near the biggest supply depot and near his base 8. Build as many Black Market you can afford (Highly Recommended is more than 10) 9. You must do all in the above in only 4 minutes or lower 10. Have a lvl 3 Rebel Ambush (don't spend points on ANYTHING) 11. Have an Sneak Attack ready TIP: Spend the rest of the points on Cash Bounty 12. Have 5-20 Radar Vans with the Radar Scan 13. Find his base 14. Start to build lots of Quad Cannon to help guard from the sky. 15. Upgrade the Anthrax into Anthrax Gamma 16. Build some Battle Busses and fill them with RPG Troopers and Toxin Rebels to help guard the bases Offensive Operations 1. Build a battalion of 50-100 Scorpions and attack the base 2. If nessersary capture one of the power plant 3. Use Jarmen Kell to snipe the Dozers when the Scorpions attack 4. Every time replace the destroyed tanks with the new ones 5. Alternate Strategy is to used lots of terrorist on the combat cycle to attack the enemy using Sneak attack ability 6. The last is "You Are Victorious"
  5. G.a. Wisnu Krisastianto

    What do you think about General Leang?

    I also agree with J-Fire_Man
  6. G.a. Wisnu Krisastianto

    What do you think about General Leang?

    Do you think so? I think General Leang is much more stronger than you thought. 'because I've defeated General Juhziz In only.... Well.... Honestly I've beaten him in one hour and 30 minutes with General Leang's army. I'd rather using Base Defenses and Units to guard my three (or should I say 12) super weapons. 4 for each SCUD Storm, Particle Cannon, and Nuclear Missile Silo. Versus 3 hard army in NProject Mod for C&CZH. Using Combine strike between Generals Powers and Super Weapons. And along with Combine assault forces. I make 4 teams. Team 1 is Alpha Strike and Frontal assault team. Contains 18 Overlord a Battalion of 50 Paladin tank with help of Colonel Burton as a Captain and some pathfinder as Stealth Detector and Anti-Infantry. 12 of 18 Overlord in alpha team used Gattling Cannon upgrade and the remaining using Propaganda tower upgrade. Team 2 is Bravo Hit and run team. Contains a bunch of rocket buggies along with gattling tank and some dragon tank with Composite Armor upgrade. Team 3 is Gamma Terrorist and suicide bikers team. Contains a few of combat cycle with terrorist on it. And the last is Zeta Infantry and tank hunter team. Contains of Rangers, Tank Hunters and lead by Jarmen Kell and Black Lotus. Team Zeta is the most important team cos Black Lotus can capture buildings and hack some cash. That's very helpful for income and capture some enemy production buildings to keep the job done. Four times I used this strategy and always wins