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  1. Thanks thats a lot simpler =D well my dad will have something to to Amazing how small these fails are compare to the games of today =X I'm starting computer science (programing major this fall) so might look back in to these for some lessons later this year =D
  2. Hi love yoru collections my dads been regretting about these mission packs for years. Used to watch him play this as a kid and since we were in china we got sold probbaly some of these mission packs as official expansions XD When we moved to the US couldn't find those disk and my dad been pretty sad over it. Glad I found this now I can let him play all the ones he played and all the hundreds he missed XD. One quesiton though coz I'm not so hot on how the game files work is there any guide to how to install and play these missions? As I click in to the links and sent me to a cloud storage page and I'm kinda lost there. Thank =D Looking through some of them most of they replaces campain missions, are all of them like that? or can you run them like expansion packs or something?