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    Simple Modding Help

    You have to copy the building code, rename it and give it a proper prerequisite. Then you need to add a new entry to CommandButton and then add the command to the dozers commandset. WorldBuilder can be used to check what you did wrong when the game crashes. If it doesn't give any results you can also check the crashinfo in your zero hour folder in your documents.
  2. If you're still interested in this I can guide you through the whole process via skype, it's really not that complicated. One of the ways to do this is to create an upgrade that will trigger a weapon change of the tomahawk. The new weapon will have a detonation ocl that will create the fuel air explosion. Other way to do this is to create an upgrade that will actually modify the projectile itself and leave weaponset upgrades intact so you will be able to create even another upgrade for the weapon later if you wish. You should extract weapon.ini, upgrade.ini and americavehicle.ini Also extract weaponobject.ini. Extracting commandset.ini and commandbutton.ini is needed too, as you will need to add the upgrade to some structure so you can purchase it. It all sounds complicated but it's really easy, as I said drop me a PM and I'll send you my skype and I can walk you by hand through the whole process. I can also write a tutorial that will be pretty much doing what you want but splitted into steps so it can be adapted to other upgrades too.
  3. It's a terrain issue, the ground zero was actually a bit lower than the surroundings.
  4. Thank You, I've also added a video link to the OP I have no idea how to properly embed it on this site sadly.
  5. Hello guys! I've made a small but fun mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour. It modifies the behaviour of the neutron missile in following ways. -Overall radius is bigger and the damage dealt is higher. -Creates EMP blast which turns off buildings and units for a certain amount of time. -Creates neutron blast which kills pilots of vehicles in a radius smaller than the EMP pulse. -Creates MOAB like shockwave that pushes units and building debris around Shockwave mod style. -Shockwave/Contra styled delayed explosion. -The countdown is raised from 6 minutes to 10. You really should use this mod alongside a shrubbery fix mod so you will be able to observe how the nuke ignites trees. Will probably break things if you try using it with other mods, but it's inside it's own .big file so you don't have to worry about breaking anything if you install/remove it. The installation instructions are inside the .zip. Images Video Download http://www.moddb.com/mods/two-stage-nuclear-device
  6. Chappi

    How to make fund transfer unit

    Make an unit fire a weapon which triggers an OCL that spawns money crates?