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    Do you have an IRC Client?

    Yeah, BRenBot and similar bots use IRC for easy info and control of servers. Now that you can get IRC clients on mobile devices, you can see how the game is going on or talk to people in it from anywhere. It's pretty neat. Here's a rundown of some clients based on wants; I want something easy Chatzilla, it's a firefox plugin I want the standard thing that works for 99% of people mIRC I want something that practically fits on a floppy disk and has dialog boxes everywhere HydraIRC I want cross platform! Hexchat I use linux and I hate myself irssi
  2. Yeah I was expecting he'd be banned rather than what happened to him. IIRC people on mod queue back then seldom had posts approved, in stark contrast to now. Why are you conflating my opinion about a moderation decision someone made in 2011 or something with the notion of me being against BHP? Aside from being fallacious, it's completely off topic. And who has 12 hour timestamps?! My word
  3. This isn't the issue though, this is a post referring to an APB dev blog, and so involves things about BHP, their goings-on and userbase. We took this attempt to uproot the playerbase through authentication data theft very seriously as it didn't involve the consent of those involved (ie the webmaster or userbase). Nonsense, back when MP-Gaming was around I didn't buy into the clash. That was back when you used to hang about with us on IRC in some attempt to keep tabs on BHP wasn't it? Those were destructible times :~).
  4. I was referring to this post, your return which is itself an action and not a part of your character, and your facetious posts which infer that ethics in regard to data handing, to which data handling and protection laws owe their origin, are completely arbitrary. My mention to being outshined is to demarcate a milestone, in comparison to something that was not so much your person, as the impact of a series of internet jokes/culture. This was a pretty memorable event, don't take it personally.
  5. A number of groups in the C&C community have come together to form a new IRC network. I don't personally think it's pitiful by any means. I'm going to point out here that both APB and TSR had patches that were being worked on before W3D Hub happened, and both teams continue to mod because they enjoy modding. I don't agree with the actions that occurred, but to imply that either party only feeds on negativity is a clear departure from reality. Confirmation bias. The thread was locked because you and another user in the thread were hopping between denial and trying to deflect the evidence being presented to you to the point at which the content of the thread was nearly entirely inflammatory. I was hoping for some civil discussion, or at least some concerning facts, especially with news staff from another C&C website. I don't want to speculate why you personally were doing it, I can only imagine you had made your mind up before the discussion began, or just do it for entertainment, like ACK is here. As for you ACK, being completely outshined in the area of Internet drama and shame in the community must have been a blow, but with all the progress you've made with the skills you honed in part back here in the C&C community, it can't be so bad. What Lord Kane just posted above is indeed factual, but it left out a great deal, I'll try to be brief; the first point leaves out power grabs by a third party, and that practically every instance of what could be described as drama intimately involving said third party. in regards to the second point, whilst OWA did call for meetings, it was long after alientating a a lot of the BHP team by performing a number of unannounced changes, including adding people from said 3rd party into positions in BHP, and revealing he wanted other people in BHP fired. I'm really not sure what to make of the third point, as whilst I agree that CJ was absent for some rather long periods, and it would have helped if he hadn't been, I don't recall him sending people to "resolve" situations. All in all, my sentiment from here is the same as that some other people from inside and outside it have echoed, that we should move on from this. Additionally the history of it is so long complex and contested that a full picture of it would fill volumes. So I'll just quote ACK;
  6. Amazing, I'm pleased Bluehell Productions is a part of this!
  7. Can confirm, danpaul88 did indeed make the launcher, this isn't contested. The contested part involves user accounts and users.