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  1. Sigh. Why won't they leave this game alone. Its like leaving a bad relationship only to find your ex at your doorstep ....again..... The only scenario i see this mobile pos working is if they once and for all address the issue at hand. And that is make a bloody successful RTS already!!! When they've proven that. Then the numb skulls can go and branch out. Might have to spell it for EA or who ever keeps running this franchise to the ground. I hope it fails. And i hope it keeps failing until they see its impossible unless they make a RTS!
  2. Wow...Speech - less. This looks amazing. I'm curious if you would have Fog of war turned on as that full view is hax lol. @Purplegaga 27 - I would like to see that as well
  3. Wow this is awesome. Thanks for adding this. let me shed a tear for this glorious game.
  4. I always check this site to see what news and mods are about but this has indeed given me mixed feelings hearing such news, I guess I won't believe it until I see it. I'll be honest but, you did get me excited! EA puts their players first ? - good one rofl.