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  1. Here is the updated version of my Tiberian Dawn for Pros campaign. It now includes GDI missions 1-11 and Nod 1-12. It is meant to be occurring concurrently to the original game. This is the culmination of all of my trigger research, artistic training, and passion for Tiberian Dawn. If you're like me and could beat TD and Covert Ops blindfolded then this is for you! I've done everything in my power to counter the dumbass AI of the computer using all kinds of crazy scripting tricks and specific map layouts. Since I first played C&C back in the 90's I wanted to make this and I couldn't be prouder. Hopefully this will work with the remasters, but we'll see! here's the new trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL3l3oo8eog !TD4PROS_5_25.zip
  2. MattAttack

    Freezing issues in C&C95

    Although it seems as though the mouse is frozen, it is actually just invisible at that point. I have the same problem so I found that disabling ccdraw in the ccconfig.exe takes care of the problem. You lose some graphical options, but I have absolutely no problems when running this way.
  3. MattAttack

    Trump v Clinton

    Hmm.. Hillary "Lizard woman who will sell my kids to aliens" Clinton or Donald "Mussolini but the trains won't run on time" Trump. Shall I be boiled in oil or drawn and quartered? Well I'm just going to apologize in advance for when we inevitably nuke the world.
  4. I absolutely agree with your assesment of teamtype size and how they "touch" waypoints. I Prefer using teams of 5 or less so they travel smoothly across the map and don't get stuck or twitchy... ever. I have found solutions, though. In GDI mission 3 of my campaign, for example, I get like 15 or so inf. to "appear" to be in 1 team, but in reality they were 4 or 5 teams of 3-4 infantry that all got initiated at the same time and the units were pre-built. As far as the U1 goes, I've now discovered that U1 of 20+ will also NOT react when you attack their base or their harvester. It is also sort of a "recruiting priority" system whereas units with low U1s will be recruited into teams with higher U1s, but not visa-versa. Hopefully soon, I will be able to make another tutorial video in regards what I've found.
  5. Weird... I get random crashes sometimes, but I actually disable ccdraw in the ccconfig program (if I'm not recording gameplay) and it runs as smooth as heck now. May have to fiddle with compatibility settings, though. What windows you running?
  6. search around on cnc-comm.com Maybe ask Funkyfr3sh or Iran, I cant remember exactly where for the singleplayer version. I may have it somewhere, if I find it, I'll post here. The streamlined cncnet multiplayer version comes with it, but for some stupid reason you can't play the campaigns on that
  7. Yeah, without the "extended sidebar" hack, 4 icons is the maximum it will display on the sidebar, so that's normal. As far as the 1st couple of missions, the problem is that the maps are too small for the screen if you're using at least 1024x768 resolution. Not a problem as you progress to the larger missions, but other than that, you can lower the resolution.
  8. When I try use those buttons and paste the link, it just freezes and never completes it's task. Guess I'll try again thanks, though! **edit** still no luck... when I hit "ok" it never finishes. even the same with "cancel." nada. maybe I'll try on another computer **edit** I had to manually type in the link.
  9. I've been working on replacing all 49 (!) missions from the original c&c campaign. So far I've finished GDI 1-11 and Nod 1-12. This campaign is meant to run concurrently with the originals. For example, in GDI mission 1 you must guide a computer controlled Nikoomba back to his village (where in the original game, Nod kills him in their mission 1) Simply drop the .mix into your c&c directory select "start new game" (NOT new missions) and have at it. I'd appreciate any input I can get. If you love them or hate them, let me know! I'm also open to any ideas for future missions, just keep in mind build level and such. download: https://forums.cncnz.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1610
  10. Wow.. I thought I was the only one.... I have made tons of c&c missions, and in fact I've started making tutorial videos in regards to this. (although apparently this site won't allow me to place links here, just search mattattackcnc95 on youtube.) In regards to some of your questions: 1)Time does require a specific trigger owner in relation to the production trigger. Strange though, as in the original campaign missions, the "player enters" trigger must have the house set to who enters the celltrigger/structure. By default, if Badguy is the player who enters, goodguy's production starts and vice versa. A lot lately, I've simply been using the "discovered" trigger to activate enemy production which must (I think) have the house set to WHOS production is being triggered. 2)Not too sure, but enemy troops moving to the far right corner indicates an incorrect, unassigned waypoint in their orders. 3)Each team seems to react differently, but as a general rule, no more than 5 infantry in a team or 5 vehicles. Combinations of inf. and units necessitates further testing. I think I actually got 8 grenadiers in a team to successfully follow orders, but they'd still get stuck and twitchy once in a while. 4)Yes! However, a teams U1# (the one that's usually set to 7 or 15 in campaign missions) must be 20 or higher otherwise they won't follow through on their orders if a third party (house) is attacked. I've actually started replacing all 50 of the original campaign missions and so far, I've finished Nod&GDI 1-4 (13 missions) Again I for some reason can't paste the link here but just go to cnc-comm.com and they're under the singleplayer maps section called "tiberian dawn for pros" I'm just someone else shares an interest in this subject. Play my missions, dissect them, and hit me up!