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    Red Alert 3 and it's expansion Uprising

    Yes they do have their own folder, and I will try reinstalling it. That option I haven't thought of.
  2. So I'd like to start off with: I love this series, It was my introduction to video games at the age of 5. So as a fan of this franchise I play lots of it. I'd like to address my problem with skirmish maps not showing up in the single player skirmish map list (The ones I have installed.) Now I have read posts on this forum about going in to User/username/appdata/roaming/redalert3uprising so on and so forth(yes I enabled show hidden files) And followed the steps there and I cannot figure out what my problem is. At first I thought I had to take the map folder out of its extraction folder (The one that’s empty except for the file containing the map and its various accompanying files.) into the maps folder I had to manually add into the RA3 Uprising. The folder contained only one folder a profiles folder. I've restarted my computer, added just the map files in the map folder, put the un-extracted zip files in the map files in the map folder and then extracted them there. Please note that I have: Windows 10, and The Ultimate Collection version Furthermore The Base game Red Alert 3 likes to prompt me a registration key as the Splash screen shows up before starting the game, then asks to re-confirm the key, except it does it over and over and over again when I click done. The key is already in the box when it asks for it. I don't know if this is a customer service issue or what. I will tell you however; I'm pretty irritated with my ignorance on this issue and not being able to fix it. Please if anyone has any information or help on this please PLEASE help me out here!!!