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  1. Modding an existing mod...

    Where i can find these new C&C3/RA3 defs?
  2. How to make 15-build slots UI working?

    Only crash on splash screen and these message "Program has stopped working". My system is Windows 10 Russian version.
  3. I just downloaded 15-build slots UI source code from Bibber's site and i used it in my mod. But after these game just crashed on start screen! I haven't encountered these problem with 4-row UI. I am using mod SDK v3 and bibber's SDK expansion and put files into my mods Data folder. How can i make it work? I really need help here...
  4. Hello there. I converted singleplayer map (GLA08) from original Generals to ZH multuplayer map. I removed all scripts and added all waypoints, areas for bases and skirmish AI for all sedes. But AI still is not working. How i can make it work? Please help I attached map in archive Baikonur.rar
  5. I am interested to add working railroad transport for some maps. Is it possible to do on C&C3 engine? There was fully working trains in C&C Generals. But looks like these logic was completely removed from CnC3 engine. I don't find any leftover code from Generals for railroad transport. Is there any other way to recreate it in CnC3?