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  1. I don't know if it will work on TW, but you can look on soviet V4 launcher in Red Alert 3. It could help.
  2. I would like to know how to add weather effects to the maps.
  3. NightWind

    Parachute stuff

    There is paradrop power in Forgotten mod. And they released source code. But paradropped unit don't have parachute.
  4. NightWind

    Is Bibber done with C&C?

    Download buttons don't work with web archive. If i click on them nothing happens.
  5. NightWind

    Is Bibber done with C&C?

    His site is still down. Looks like it will never work again. Is there any other places, where i can find his SDK extras and other files?
  6. Where i can find these new C&C3/RA3 defs?
  7. NightWind

    How to make 15-build slots UI working?

    Only crash on splash screen and these message "Program has stopped working". My system is Windows 10 Russian version.
  8. I just downloaded 15-build slots UI source code from Bibber's site and i used it in my mod. But after these game just crashed on start screen! I haven't encountered these problem with 4-row UI. I am using mod SDK v3 and bibber's SDK expansion and put files into my mods Data folder. How can i make it work? I really need help here...
  9. Hello there. I converted singleplayer map (GLA08) from original Generals to ZH multuplayer map. I removed all scripts and added all waypoints, areas for bases and skirmish AI for all sedes. But AI still is not working. How i can make it work? Please help I attached map in archive Baikonur.rar
  10. I am interested to add working railroad transport for some maps. Is it possible to do on C&C3 engine? There was fully working trains in C&C Generals. But looks like these logic was completely removed from CnC3 engine. I don't find any leftover code from Generals for railroad transport. Is there any other way to recreate it in CnC3?