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  1. - Been adding some features and optimizing other things for performance. - Started a map system. - Fixed a bunch of camera nuances for smoothness. - Added level height, currently two levels like the original C&C/RA. - Moved to more of an isometric view, its now a 30/30. Next things will be to: - Put in more accurate ballistics for the artillery (sphere). - Render elevation changes in the chassis, I think turrets will stay level to give it a C&C feel. - Work more on map system. - Start on Client Side Rendering Netcode. Then I'll post a video and work on adding a tank from Kaskins.
  2. I put in a drive system that is a little modern but I feel can replicate the C&C universe. I had a retro system in which mimic'd pre Generals games but I think it would've been pigeon holed retro. Here's a video of progress, currently working on server instance planning and netcode.
  3. I suppose I will have to pay for them then. I want to work with C&C fans though instead of regular artists. lol. What other C&C hubs are popular? I am working on an updated drive system based off of C&C TD/RA pathfinding. I pretty much have all the hooks built in to emulate any of the units in a W,A,S,D configuration with ability casting. Trying to figure out if I want a single plane map system or a dual plane high/low. I will post a video after I get the artillery arc implemented. No models tho, all primatives. Prepping for the netcode phase. Sole Survivor targetted 64 players per map, that's quite a bit but it was based on old point/click action transactions and was 2d, pre-physics and pretty much pre-hack era.
  4. Wasn't the biggest fan of C&C4. Sole Survivor and Renegade yes. Do you know where I might be able to get traction crowd sourcing models?
  5. Howdy guys, My name is Jarmo. I'm some 30-something network engineer that lives in the United States (Colorado). I am a developer on the side. I have a dream of creating a spiritual successor to the game Command & Conquer Sole Survivor. I am currently working on a multiplayer wrapper for the Xenko game engine, I've got a month into netcode and hope to have most of the netcode ready by early 2018. I'd then be looking to put together a small team of guys who want to create a spiritual successor to Sole Survivor. If you didn't play this game in the C&C Universe you might have missed out, it was fantastic! I'm hoping to crowd source most of the sprites and 3d models.... It's going to be hard to find a stand-in for Frank Klepacki. If you can link me up with people that'd be interested in contributing or a better hub for Sole Survivor that'd be awesome. I played this game as a we lad in AAA, Penguins, and was in RABID for a minute too. Cheers -Jarmo