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  1. I figured it out. In your Mod.str file, create a new line with faction name but with INI as the prefix; like so: INI:FactionNOD "Fist of Nod" END With the faction name taken from the PlayerTemplate.ini file. I'm not sure what the ShortDisplayName type does, but that was added in Kane's Wrath it seems. For anyone else that wants to do the same thing
  2. Fairly simple request as its in the title. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to change the displayed name of a pre-existing faction, namely I want to change Nod. I figure its possible and probably has a String identifier, judging by the way the faction types are different (namely Scrin being "Alien") to their ingame counterparts... but I don't know where or what the string would be called. :/ Cheers.
  3. Thanks for the info man. When I get around to setting up GMAX with the right stuff, I'll take a look at it myself. I can't find anything about 3DSMax 9 anywhere, it seems like its completely disappeared from the web these days; and I'm a blenderphile so I'm not used to Autodesk software.
  4. New thread but for something different this time around. I've been trying to make a different projectile, namely a simple glob of plasma, like what the Cyborg Commando fires in Tiberian Sun, but the projectile model system has been doing my head in and I've opted so far to use the Nod Fuel Air Bomb Missile or NUFUEBMB as a placeholder for the weapon. However, I've been wanting to attach the green glow of the militant rocket projectile (albiet larger) to the missile but to no avail. I can't work out whether the glow of the missile is handled in the weapontemplate or the actual projectile itself. Whenever I look at the militant rocket projectile game object there's only the trail attached to it, no glow. I'm kinda worried that the glow is actually modelside, since when I open the model in WrathEd there's shaders; though none of the colours on the shader corresponds to green. I just want the Fuel Air Bomb with the same rocket glow effect, or possibly just a "blob" projectile achieved by FX / shaders if that's possible, I did try making an invisible projectile that used FX but that did nothing.
  5. I just had a thought, could the lack of AI responding when spawned in a tiberium field be due to a lack of Army Definition? I've been reading into it, and I think the reason why Civilian and Neutral AI don't do anything when they're spawned from Neutral / Civilian objects is directly down to their stance as an actual competitor. As far as I know, the Emotion_Dissident flag seems to simply reverse the "friendship" towards the owner of the object, which is why the Visceroids work; because of the way the ownership is passed down from the dead infantry... but other stuff doesn't. I don't know, I've been reading stuff for Battle for Middle Earth which uses Sage, as well as using the schema files. Stuff seems well documented for BFME; so its pretty useful.
  6. Is it possible to make rain happen without it being based on map? So like, just a random weather choice before the game starts, rainy / plain etc. I've not touched worldbuilder since Generals, so I'm not too worried if its not possible; but I've been thinking about it. :>
  7. Sure PM's is fine, sorry about the delay. x3 I've been considering adding CABAL Eva for Marked of Kane, pretty sure I'm going insane here, but every time I play Tiberian Sun I want to implement more of the game in Kane's Wrath. lol I've written some basic stuff with the AI thing, using the old animalAI update or whatever it is for the Visceroid, but I didn't know it was used for lua. :3
  8. Nowaru

    Kanes Wrath Skirmish AI Schemas

    Yeah. I've kinda messed around with how GDI works, they don't have any stealth detection vehicles anymore and the surveyor does the same job as the Mobile Sensor Array as in Tiberian Sun, making GDI's attacks on Stealthed Nod more difficult. I've been trying to achieve the weird unbalance that Tiberian Sun had, with Nod being weak but trolly and GDI having powerful units, but I want Nod to be able to fight back; (unlike how Tibsun was rushed) the changes should make Nod's support powers more deadly. But the Rig now serves as GDI's expansion vehicle, essentially being like an assault expansion, but I had to call it the Surveyor and change the deployment stuff just so the AI would build and deploy it.
  9. Nowaru

    Kanes Wrath Skirmish AI Schemas

    This is awesome dude, I've been wanting to see the AI XML for a long time; mainly because I made a crappy workaround to get the AI to build a different kind of expansion unit, (rather than the surveyor) by doing a name change and spoofing the command to deploy it. With this I should be able to implement it properly, once I wrap my head around how it works. Thanks.
  10. Don't worry about it. I keep getting distracted with War Thunder lol. I end up working on mod one minute, procrastinating because of a damn event the next. xD But yeah, I could do with some help, if you don't mind; Lua just looks alien to me atm.
  11. Yeah, I still don't understand Lua though, whether you write it inline with the XML or what you do with it lol. Is it that stuff that's written with: "<script> </script>" Because I've written some of that myself for a particular model to display its subobjects, but I wasn't sure how you'd use it in regards to the XML otherwise. I'd like to have visceroids spawn around 50% of the time and I figured I could just do a simple random number check, and it looks kinda similar to Javascript imo, but I have no idea how to write it in lol. And I kinda see what you mean, with spawning at fields, not sure how you'd give them spawn parameters, if that's even possible lol.
  12. Following from that topic I managed to successfully create animal-like Visceroids that spawn from infantry squads only in poisonous areas and they're pretty neat, aside from the merging baby and adults I managed to get them quite similar in terms of roaming AI to Tib-sun so they sort of go everywhere, though only in a small radius. However, my next idea was to have a completely random "Neutral" spawner, that could (at the start of the game) quickly populate the map with a specific amount of Neutral AI, like Visceroids, Maruaders and possibly even Ion Storms, (with Ion Storms preferably spawning throughout the game at random) I know you could populate maps in Worldbuilder but I really wanted a solution that could do this on every map to create a new "world" every time you play a Skirmish / Multiplayer. A way I figured I could do it is use a spawner nugget like those on the War Factories / PAC's which spawns an invisible object that uses AnimalAIUpdate and quickly roams the map for say 2-3 seconds and then when it dies, spawns whatever you want at said location. I'd have these spawners attached to tiberium fields (a bit wonky ik) as they're almost always there. I don't really know if there's any other way of doing it, or if anyone's tried anything similar before, but a random map-wide spawner of just random Neutral stuff, be it Ion Storms, Visceroids, Maruaders or anything else is what I'm looking for. Thanks for the help from everyone on the previous topic btw.
  13. Hi everyone. From my original post earlier this year (trying to WrathEd working) I've managed to make quite a bit of progress, mainly adding true hover vehicles (all terrain), various new artwork, music etc, a recoloured MoK Obelisk (Obelisk of Darkness) and some big changes to the gameplay style; but I've been having 2 relatively big problems with regards to a death animation on a model; specifically, this: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-end-of-all-things/addons/mastadon and this; the Kane's Wrath XML provided along with it: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-end-of-all-things/addons/mastadon-addon Basically, when the Mastadon dies, it instantly disappears, whilst spawning the debris, I've looked in w3x viewer and it seems like there's no problem with the model, but no changes I've made so far to the XML has made any difference to the death animation. Below is the code used for the model / animation states. <ModelConditionState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="DYING USER_6"> <Model Name="W3DContainer:GUVEHICLEL_DIEA" /> <Texture Original="GUVehicleL" New="GUVehicleL_D" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="chassis" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallFire" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="Chassis" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallFireDistortion" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="chassis" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallSmoke" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="b_turret01" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallFire" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="b_turret01" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallFireDistortion" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="b_turret01" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallSmoke" FollowBone="true" /> </ModelConditionState> <ModelConditionState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="DYING"> <Model Name="W3DContainer:GUVehicleL_DIEA" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="chassis" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallFire" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="chassis" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallFireDistortion" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="chassis" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallSmoke" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="b_turret01" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallFire" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="b_turret01" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallFireDistortion" FollowBone="true" /> <ParticleSysBone BoneName="b_turret01" FXParticleSystemTemplate="GDIDebrisSmallSmoke" FollowBone="true" /> </ModelConditionState> <AnimationState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="DYING" EnteringStateFX="" FrameForPristineBonePositions="0" ShareAnimation="False" AllowRepeatInRandomPick="False" SimilarRestart="False"> <Animation AnimationName="GUVEHICLEL_DIEA" AnimationMode="ONCE" Distance="0" AnimationBlendTime="5" AnimationSpeedFactorMin="1" AnimationSpeedFactorMax="1" WeaponTimingOrdering="PRIMARY_WEAPON" WeaponTimingSlotID="1" AnimationPriority="1" FadeBeginFrame="-1" FadeEndFrame="-1" AnimationMustCompleteBlend="False" UseWeaponTiming="False" FadingIn="False" /> <Script> CurDrawableHideSubObject("GUN_UPGRADE") </Script> </AnimationState> The model works fine in gameplay, but destroying the vehicle and having it end with a tiny explosion is a bit anti-climatic 😋 The other issue I have is trying to change or fix the "DamageAndSpawnNugget", mainly because I want the Tiberium Troopers to use Visceroid spawning as an effect. I combed through the old posts on the forum and setup my mod directory with "Mods\returntotiberia\Assets\Static" with a file called "WeaponTemplate.xml" that looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <AssetDefinition xmlns="uri:thundermods.net:SAGE:WrathEdXML:AssetDefinition"> <Asset id="DamageAndSpawnNuggetType"> <EntryInheritance id="base" AssetType="DamageNuggetType" /> <Entry id="SpawnProbability" AssetType="SageReal" IsAttribute="true" Default="1.0" /> <Entry id="SpawnedModelConditionFlags" AssetType="ModelConditionBitFlags" IsAttribute="true" /> <EntryReference id="SpawnTemplate" AssetType="GameObjectWeakRef"/> </Asset> </AssetDefinition> But the asset compiler doesn't recognise it, nor do I know if it will actually work lol, but if anyone has worked around this any help would be useful. A final problem that I do have is trying to create a Spectre Artillery with a permanent deployment function, so that it doesn't have to deploy to shoot every time and stays static in-place, but the states of deployment are confusing me atm lol; currently I have it so that there's 2 artillery objects, like the Rig, one deploys into another and replaces the original object, and vice versa for the artillery to move again; but all the animations are screwed up when it comes to firing lol; I'll probably make another thread at some point about it. 😀
  14. Omg, Thank you so much for the help, I tried to build WrathEd in CMD and it still didn't respond to anything; so I decided to delete all reg keys related to WrathEd and kinda dumbly... I noticed I'd literally put all my SDK's in a folder called Documents\WrathEd before I'd actually ever used the program (its been there for a couple of years)... so I renamed it to WrathEd utilities and bam, it works great now. Its pretty weird though since it worked quite a while until it threw up the error, or lack of, but anyway. Cheers. :3
  15. Hi guys, new to the forum but I have a strange issue with WrathEd at the moment. I've been developing quite a large mod that was based off a personal mod for Tiberium Wars and I've managed to carry over quite a bit of stuff fairly successfully so far, mainly music and some basic XML, and I've been able to compile and run it correctly too until yesterday; of which then the WrathEd executable stopped working. I've tried various compatibility tests and also re-downloaded the .net framework but I've got nothing, it opens and closes so fast that it doesn't even have any time to record logs when I try and build the mod. I've tried different versions of WrathEd and they're all the same. I'm wondering could it be a registry issue? If so, has anyone seen anything like this before? ps. I've tried the same WrathEd on my older Windows 7 laptop and it works fine there, so I think it might be a registry problem. I I'm fine with building it on the other laptop, but its kinda a pain in the backside; especially when the mod launcher and everything else works fine on my Windows 10 computer.