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  1. https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-dusk/images/natural-ion-storms-finally#imagebox I finally got the buggers working, was quite a long process; but it pretty much like above spawns invisible targets, spread out by the mjolnir / orbital strike OCL which have death explosions / FX and armor that's immune to everything except storm_shield damage, which the lightning deals in a second damage nugget. That way friendly units wont target the "enemy" targets, only the cloud will. Getting the lightning behaviour to work properly was a real pain but its all sorted now. Thx for the help earlier ravage, that fixed up my neutral AI too lol. ^^
  2. Believe it or not, you've actually helped me with another completely-seperate issue here. Whilst I still can't create a natural-ish Ion Storm with this, in Kane's Wrath I'd never actually tried PlyrCreeps as destination player because I'd assumed it wasn't working (KW messes with a lot of the player property types); and so I'd used EMOTION_DISSIDENT instead. Problem with that is any Tiberium Fiends / Visceroids I'd spawned whilst they'd be aggressive to everyone, it would still display on the map as a friendly unit and as far as I know <AnimalAIupdate> doesn't work when its still owned by a player. So now my Tib fiends / Visceroids are actually roaming around properly and no longer creating map pings when under attack / being visible on the map, which is awesome! But also, with animalAI update working it might actually be possible to have the Ion Storms move around the map, which would be insane lol... I'll see what I can do to get the storms to randomly attack anything though, its still a head scratcher tbh. Its basically the equivalent of the AI being able to force fire on the ground, though I'm not sure if that's possible tbh. If I figure it out I'll post it here for others to use.
  3. Yep! Same art style as C&C3, same attack, but made so that it randomly strikes anything, rather than only targetting enemies. I already have a means of spreading the clouds around the map, its just the natural-like behaviour of the C&C2 Ion Storm that's desired
  4. Hi folks, I've got a bit of another mystery to solve (if possible), I've been trying to create a more realistic Ion Storm (well actually attempting a whole basic weather system) that rather than being an AI controlled entity (IE it fires at particular targets) it shoots randomly at basically anything, the ground, tiberium, buildings, friendlies, enemies, you name it. This would be easy if the Storm Attack lightning particles were a projectile as I could just use the <FireWeaponNugget> on the ion storm and it'd spawn the projectiles regardless... But unfortunately that's not the case, the storm "attack" is just a damage nugget that draws a lightning particle line from the Storm weapon bone to the target location, which means that the storm has to have a target to draw the lightning to. Annoyingly, if I try and randomise it using a scatter radius etc nothing happens, I hear the lightning attack sound, but no particle draw, nor does it hit anything, presumably because the Storm isn't selecting a target when it uses <FireWeaponNugget>. Long story short is, I'm wondering if anyone has tried anything like this before; and if they know a workaround to make it randomly attack anything. :3 Being able to achieve this would help me realise my goal of making "true" Ion Storm generators, as I plan to release versions of maps with these generators with randomly generated Ion Storms all over the map. I've figured out how to create these random storms already, but it seems very artificial in how the storms always attack specific things (or don't attack at all when spawned without some kind of AI attached to them). Using <FireWeaponNugget> I saw as a workaround to this. Any help would be massively appreciated.
  5. Madin I love you. xD I'm not exactly sure what it was about what code I changed (mainly the timers for the passive damage, I think 0.1s must've been too long and I never thought of going below 0.1 for some reason), but I changed the arguments in each weapon (aside from clip stuff and some other bits) and now it works great. :3 Honestly I racked my brains for too long, but I'm so glad it works now. x)
  6. The reason why I ask this, is though I've successfully used FireWeaponUpdate on various stationary "objects"... when I try and apply it to even slow projectiles, it fails miserably. I've currently been making a Disruptor style attack that fires 20 rapid projectiles that call FireWeaponUpdate every 0s or 0.1s and it very rarely hits even large structures and vehicles. (It usually hits around 1 time per each 20 projectile volley) The projectile itself travels at a WeaponSpeed of 200 (i'm not sure if this is too fast, but it seems slow to me)... it just seems completely broken functionality wise when put on anything that moves. If I'm wrong I'd appreciate it if someone could correct me / or show me where I'm going wrong. I'm happy to post code if required. Thanks everyone. ^^
  7. I've already done this in my mod. (Tiberium Dusk - Marked of Kane Spectre) Simply make a new Spectre unit that it deploys into with the deployed state as its base state (I made it as a structure so its similar to TS). You can probably just extract the code with WrathEd or read it. I mainly did it though because I wanted the Spectre to deploy into alternate states, but it does the same thing that you're asking for the most part, although mine is a structure that you can repair and sell.
  8. Hi folks. In wanting to make a Beta Commando, (as the commando is based on the barracks Sargeant, for clarification look at the CUCommB and GBSentry textures, they're nearly identical, except the UV texture map is moved around for the Commando model) I was wondering if anyone knew of the existence of the original Barracks Sargeant model, as currently he's merged with the barracks with all his bones being part of the barracks skeleton. Basically, I just need the commando with a face, his arms showing and no jet-pack ideally. Any help tracking this down (if it exists) would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  9. Has anyone tried out the "LightDraw" module and know how to use it? / What it looks like? <Asset id="W3DLightDrawModuleData"> <EntryInheritance id="base" AssetType="DrawModuleData" /> <Entry id="Radius" AssetType="SageReal" IsAttribute="true" Default="20" /> <Entry id="Intensity" AssetType="SageReal" IsAttribute="true" Default="1" /> <Entry id="FlickerAmplitude" AssetType="SageReal" IsAttribute="true" /> <Entry id="FlickerFrequency" AssetType="SageReal" IsAttribute="true" /> <Entry id="PulseAmplitude" AssetType="SageReal" IsAttribute="true" /> <Entry id="PulseFrequency" AssetType="SageReal" IsAttribute="true" /> <Entry id="AttachToDrawableBone" AssetType="String" IsAttribute="true" /> <EntryRelocation id="Ambient" AssetType="Color3f" /> <EntryRelocation id="Diffuse" AssetType="Color3f" /> <EntryRelocation id="Specular" AssetType="Color3f" /> </Asset> That's the asset schema for it, I've been deliberately looking for some kind of dynamic lighting if possible to make the more Tiberian Sun style map effects with unusual lighting (red, blue etc) around Tiberium and other stuff, but I'm not sure how to use and what it means by the "EntryRelocation" parts for the colour. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  10. Bit of a necro... But surely if we use the new AI Schemas and use the playertemplate mixed together, there should be some hacky way of getting this working. I'm gonna give it a go anyway, it probably wont work or cause massive issues, but why not? I can just set it to non-playable but let the Neutral AI access teams as necessary; if I'm not thinking completely dumb here. xP
  11. Hi Everyone, Just a quick question. Essentially my mod has the Mastodon have a weapon system that you can purchase "on" the unit. Basically, its some command button special powers that give the Mastodon an "upgrade" depending on what weapon you want to put on it (currently, there are two weapons, Big Gun and Small Gun (Devastator cannon and classic railguns))... but I want to be able to give the AI the option to at least buy the railguns, so I made this AISpecialPowerUpdate... <AISpecialPowerUpdate id="37DB893B" CommandButtonName="Command_MastodonSmallGun" SecondaryCommandButtonName="" SpecialPowerAIType="SPECIAL_POWER_BASIC_SELF_BUFF" SpecialPowerRadius="-1" ReinforceDistance="0" SpellMakesAStructure="" SpecificUnit="" UnitKindOf="VEHICLE" AllyUnitInclude="" AllyUnitExclude="" EnemyUnitInclude="" EnemyUnitExclude="" MinimumCutoff="0" UpdateTime="1s" MaxFrequency="0" RandomizeTargetLocation="False" /> ... the problem is, the AI rarely (if ever) purchases it. It only costs 2000 credits, which I figured isn't too much for a Brutal AI... but since "equipping" the walker is literally imperative for it to be functional (it only has rocket launchers if you don't give it a weapon), it ends up often being severely gimped in the hands of the AI, unless it has the sudden urge to buy the upgrade. I'm wondering if there's any chance to increase the possibility of the AI doing something, as it does with MCV's and Surveyors etc (aka, always do this if you have this)... since its no use them having an epic unit that they only upgrade 1 out of every 10 times or so. My version of the Mastodon is meant to be freely customizable, so I'm not sure how I'd implement it otherwise. o.O This is what the special power looks like for extra info: <SpecialPower id="GiveSmallInit" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_MastodonSmallGun" AntiCategory="" AntiFX="" AttributeModifier="" AttributeModifierRange="0" AttributeModifierFX="" WeatherDuration="0" InitiateFX="" TriggerFX="" SetModelCondition="TOPPLED" SetModelConditionTime="0s" GiveLevels="0" ChangeWeather="NORMAL" OnTriggerRechargeSpecialPower="" BurnDecayModifier="0" MaxDistanceFromCommandCenter="0" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="True" StartsPaused="False" ReEnableAntiCategory="False" AttributeModifierAffectsSelf="False" AttributeModifierWeatherBased="False" TargetEnemy="False" TargetAllSides="False" DisableDuringAnimDuration="False" IdleWhenStartingPower="False" AffectGood="False" AffectEvil="False" AffectAllies="True" AvailableAtStart="True" AdjustVictim="False" UseDistanceFromCommandCenter="False" ChildModuleHandlesFX="False"> <AttributeModifierAffects Rule="UNPARSED" Relationship="" Alignment="NONE" Include="" Exclude="" StatusBitFlags="" RejectStatusBitFlags="" AcceptModelCondition="" RejectModelCondition="" /> <RequirementsFilterMP Rule="UNPARSED" Relationship="" Alignment="NONE" Include="" Exclude="" StatusBitFlags="" RejectStatusBitFlags="" AcceptModelCondition="" RejectModelCondition="" /> <RequirementsFilterStrategic Rule="UNPARSED" Relationship="" Alignment="NONE" Include="" Exclude="" StatusBitFlags="" RejectStatusBitFlags="" AcceptModelCondition="" RejectModelCondition="" /> </SpecialPower> <GiveOrRestoreUpgradeSpecialPower id="GiveSmall" GrabPassengerHealGain="0%" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_MastodonSmallGun" StartAbilityRange="1E+07" AbilityAbortRange="1E+07" PreparationTime="0s" PersistentPrepTime="0s" PersistentCount="-1" PackTime="0s" UnpackTime="0s" PreTriggerUnstealthTime="0s" Options="" PackUnpackVariationFactor="0" ParalyzeDurationWhenCompleted="0s" ParalyzeDurationWhenAborted="0s" SpecialObject="" MaxSpecialObjects="1" EffectDuration="0s" EffectValue="1" EffectRange="0" FleeRangeAfterCompletion="0" DisableFXParticleSystem="" PackSound="" UnpackSound="" PrepSoundLoop="" TriggerSound="" ActiveLoopSound="" AwardXPForTriggering="0" SkillPointsForTriggering="-1" UnpackingVariation="0" FreezeAfterTriggerDuration="0s" RequiredConditions="" RejectedConditions="" SetObjectStatusOnTrigger="" ClearObjectStatusOnExit="" TriggerAttributeModifier="" AttributeModifierDuration="0s" ChainedButton="" RequireAndSpendTiberiumOnCaster="0" DisabledTypesToProcess="HELD" DisabledTypesToContinueSoundsFor="HELD" StartRechargeOnExit="False" GoIdleInStartPreparation="True" FaceTarget="True" UpgradeToGive="Upgrade_MastodonSmallGun" WeaponFlags="" />
  12. I will eventually when I get around to it, I'll upload it to ModDB or something. Its got shortcuts allowing for easy compilation / reading so its not too difficult. I've just got my mod all over the place in it so I need to clean it up a bit.
  13. Aww, damn. I've not really wanted to touch too much UI stuff yet, mainly from hearing the difficulties of others. Thanks anyway. I've got other things to work on anyway atm, I'm wanting to give Militant Rocket Squads Nod Combat Armor; I feel it was super lazy effort on EA's part changing the generic militant squad but not the Militant Rocket Squad to the classic design; I'm hoping to merge together all versions of the militants (including Tib Wars hoodie militants) into one mod.
  14. Yeah, I know about changing the EVA as I've implemented a Marked of Kane EVA as Cabal which is pretty nice. What I'm trying to change though is the beeps and boops heard when radar is enabled and disabled, the sounds currently ingame lead you to believe its part of the EVA.ini, but its nowhere to be seen. o.O However I don't know where "WRadar_ona" or " WRadar_offa" is used, either which seems to be related to the same thing. Sorry I didn't clarify beforehand. ^^'
  15. Hello again. Just a quick question, I'm wondering how plausible / possible it is to do faction based "radar on", "radar off" sound effects. Ingame we already have Aeva_RadarRestored, Geva_RadarRestored and Neva_RadarRestored and WRadar_ona / off but I don't believe they're used. I'd really like to implement this kind of feature into my mod as I'm planning on implementing sound effects from all 3 eras of C&C. I've looked everywhere but I can't find anything in regards to this however. ;/ It would be nice though because I'd love to use Tiberian Sun Radar on ST and Tib Dawn Radar on GDI. (My mod forces Radar onto the command post rather than conyard, which is why I want this.) Thanks everyone.