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  1. Aww, damn. I've not really wanted to touch too much UI stuff yet, mainly from hearing the difficulties of others. Thanks anyway. I've got other things to work on anyway atm, I'm wanting to give Militant Rocket Squads Nod Combat Armor; I feel it was super lazy effort on EA's part changing the generic militant squad but not the Militant Rocket Squad to the classic design; I'm hoping to merge together all versions of the militants (including Tib Wars hoodie militants) into one mod.
  2. Yeah, I know about changing the EVA as I've implemented a Marked of Kane EVA as Cabal which is pretty nice. What I'm trying to change though is the beeps and boops heard when radar is enabled and disabled, the sounds currently ingame lead you to believe its part of the EVA.ini, but its nowhere to be seen. o.O However I don't know where "WRadar_ona" or " WRadar_offa" is used, either which seems to be related to the same thing. Sorry I didn't clarify beforehand. ^^'
  3. Hello again. Just a quick question, I'm wondering how plausible / possible it is to do faction based "radar on", "radar off" sound effects. Ingame we already have Aeva_RadarRestored, Geva_RadarRestored and Neva_RadarRestored and WRadar_ona / off but I don't believe they're used. I'd really like to implement this kind of feature into my mod as I'm planning on implementing sound effects from all 3 eras of C&C. I've looked everywhere but I can't find anything in regards to this however. ;/ It would be nice though because I'd love to use Tiberian Sun Radar on ST and Tib Dawn Radar on GDI. (My mod forces Radar onto the command post rather than conyard, which is why I want this.) Thanks everyone.
  4. I know this is technically a Necro, but I think I've found a simple fix. What you'll need is to create a Universal "Modding folder" using the base WrathEd 1.08 in one of the folders (which is your compiler) and WrathEd 1.07 (which is your SkuDef Reader). I've ended up making a huge conglomerated mess to get an editable Reckoner and AI skirmish schemas working at the same time; since it can be a complete nightmare. Also, be aware that some versions of 1.08 are complete garbage and they wont even acknowledge sound or audio files, and thus fail to compile; which is odd, since the version I have compiles perfectly, it just doesn't read SkuDef's properly. If anyone needs it I may end up uploading this "full" editing WrathEd for others to use, since its basically piecing together two broken WrathEds into one working one.
  5. Chieftain is like the Overlord in Generals. Its essentially a redeemer, but with propoganda tower effect; healing everything around it, hence the name. :3 I do plan on giving it a new weapon though to match its unique name at some point however.
  6. Hi everyone, Just a thread for my new Mod C&C Tiberium Dusk! It tries to be a culmination of everything classic C&C, with various soundtracks from the older games, older sound effects and voice lines and new special effects like the "classic" ion cannon. https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-dusk The gameplay is quite a bit different, but its pretty fun for those that want a new take on C&C3 / Kane's Wrath. Economy is slower whilst attacks are generally more effective, a few well placed units can easily lead to victory. There's also a lesser emphasis on Epic Units despite Epic Units being buffed, which is an oddity lol; Epic Units are more cool "show-off" units now rather than useful (unless you're using the Mastodon or Black Hand Chieftain). Thanks to all those who check it out.
  7. Sorry, I never realised. 3: I'm using Firefox Quantum on desktop, the only thing I noticed was the lag when I uploaded lol. I uploaded a .txt file instead since it doesn't take XML. :3
  8. Hi guys, I've got another question. Now, with some editing to the purifier I wanted it to "charge up" its laser much like the obelisk cannon (I've made an alternative marked of kane beam cannon that does this already) but I'm having trouble with the flamethrower conflicting with the pre_attack states I use for the charging effect. Basically, if the laser is firing at something outside of the flamethrower range, the pre-attack state works perfectly and shows the charging animation, but the moment someone gets too close to the flamethrower or you attack something nearby, only the charging sound is heard and no effects are seen. :/ I believe its to do with how the flamethrower is on a different weapon_set_update but I'm not sure what flags to use for that atm, I've tried user_8 and user_9 and WEAPONSLOTID_02 but to no avail. I find it odd that the client sounds work perfectly but the model states don't. Sorry about the extremely long code dump, I removed most of the unnecessary code for the purifier, but its still long as heck. >.> (I don't have any AudioEvent / Multisound stuff done yet since I've attempted this twice, but restarted out of frustration lol) Also, to make matters somewhat more complex, I've got a modified the anti-infantry laser there as well. :S Cheers. BlackHandCustomWarmech.txt
  9. I figured it out. In your Mod.str file, create a new line with faction name but with INI as the prefix; like so: INI:FactionNOD "Fist of Nod" END With the faction name taken from the PlayerTemplate.ini file. I'm not sure what the ShortDisplayName type does, but that was added in Kane's Wrath it seems. For anyone else that wants to do the same thing
  10. Fairly simple request as its in the title. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to change the displayed name of a pre-existing faction, namely I want to change Nod. I figure its possible and probably has a String identifier, judging by the way the faction types are different (namely Scrin being "Alien") to their ingame counterparts... but I don't know where or what the string would be called. :/ Cheers.
  11. Thanks for the info man. When I get around to setting up GMAX with the right stuff, I'll take a look at it myself. I can't find anything about 3DSMax 9 anywhere, it seems like its completely disappeared from the web these days; and I'm a blenderphile so I'm not used to Autodesk software.
  12. New thread but for something different this time around. I've been trying to make a different projectile, namely a simple glob of plasma, like what the Cyborg Commando fires in Tiberian Sun, but the projectile model system has been doing my head in and I've opted so far to use the Nod Fuel Air Bomb Missile or NUFUEBMB as a placeholder for the weapon. However, I've been wanting to attach the green glow of the militant rocket projectile (albiet larger) to the missile but to no avail. I can't work out whether the glow of the missile is handled in the weapontemplate or the actual projectile itself. Whenever I look at the militant rocket projectile game object there's only the trail attached to it, no glow. I'm kinda worried that the glow is actually modelside, since when I open the model in WrathEd there's shaders; though none of the colours on the shader corresponds to green. I just want the Fuel Air Bomb with the same rocket glow effect, or possibly just a "blob" projectile achieved by FX / shaders if that's possible, I did try making an invisible projectile that used FX but that did nothing.
  13. I just had a thought, could the lack of AI responding when spawned in a tiberium field be due to a lack of Army Definition? I've been reading into it, and I think the reason why Civilian and Neutral AI don't do anything when they're spawned from Neutral / Civilian objects is directly down to their stance as an actual competitor. As far as I know, the Emotion_Dissident flag seems to simply reverse the "friendship" towards the owner of the object, which is why the Visceroids work; because of the way the ownership is passed down from the dead infantry... but other stuff doesn't. I don't know, I've been reading stuff for Battle for Middle Earth which uses Sage, as well as using the schema files. Stuff seems well documented for BFME; so its pretty useful.
  14. Is it possible to make rain happen without it being based on map? So like, just a random weather choice before the game starts, rainy / plain etc. I've not touched worldbuilder since Generals, so I'm not too worried if its not possible; but I've been thinking about it. :>
  15. Sure PM's is fine, sorry about the delay. x3 I've been considering adding CABAL Eva for Marked of Kane, pretty sure I'm going insane here, but every time I play Tiberian Sun I want to implement more of the game in Kane's Wrath. lol I've written some basic stuff with the AI thing, using the old animalAI update or whatever it is for the Visceroid, but I didn't know it was used for lua. :3