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    Kids or bots? You decide

    Not sure if EA is pulling the good ol "bling bling" tricks again....
  2. Royaliate

    Kids or bots? You decide

    Yeah. i was using the mobile browser. Regardless the rating seems to still indicate fair amount of either kids or bots. But imho, the game is solid fun, but its still bad and its p2w. I would rather have it be cancelled to end the cancer then playing it while taking a dump.
  3. - Nod is currently doing too well against GDI in cross-faction play. We have several theories on why this is, but we are still actively investigating it and haven’t reached any firm conclusions yet. No shit Greg, you will never reach a firm conclusion causs of the levelling system, why not have higher level GDI player fight a weaker level NOD, would that solve the issue?
  4. one would hope for CNC franchise to reign supreme over any RTS genre one day, and so be it, another 10 years it will be. (if I ever am still alive )