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  1. Thanks man. You helped me a lot. I've got no clue about modding so I need clear advise/tips a lot.
  2. Okay, maybe no one wants to respond to me for whatever reason, which is okay. However, in case no one knows the answer to this, then let me ask a different question. How to change color and value of tiberium (example: red tiberium, brings in 2100 worth of credits)?
  3. Can someone help me and tell me where to find these files in C&C 3 TW MOD SDK: TiberiumCracks01.dds, TiberiumCrystal01.dds, TibFields01.dds?
  4. New C&C 3 Tiberium Wars competitive 1v1 maps available, including 4 maps with non-TW textures from PurpleGaga's ultimate texture mod. https://www.gamereplays.org/commandandconquer3/portals.php?show=page&name=commandandconquer-tiberiumwars-new-competitive-maps-2019
  5. It's not that I have not seen the public source code for your mod, or that I could not be bothered viewing it. It's that me viewing it is a waste of time, since I know pretty much nothing about PCs or modding and can only do stuff after seeing a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. I mean, honestly, I have no clue what you even told me. Although, I have been able to make some great maps thanks to your texture mod for C&C 3 that can be found on moddb. Thanks for that. tw1.bmp I've got more screenshots but can't upload them. Seems total limit is 2.51 MB.
  6. TW 1.09, retail version. My installation is not broken for sure. Proof is that they show up in Tacitus revolution mod, after compiling the map. Even then, they don't show up in New experience mod.
  7. Whatever the reason may be, if you compile the map after adding the sky dome, and run compiled map with Tacitus revolution mod, you can see sky textures. Maybe it helps someone.
  8. Well, title pretty much says it. I don't see any sky textures when I run this mod, even though I should be seeing them. Also, if I try add them to another map, according to this tutorial https://www.moddb.com/mods/cc3-a-new-experience/tutorials/add-sky-in-your-favorite-map they do not show up. Anyone knows what I am doing wrong? I wanna point out that when running this New experience mod, none of the maps that came with the game show up (like rift, arena, rocktagon etc.). Only custom maps show up.
  9. Devils Line

    How to compile maps for KW?

    This solved all the issues. Thanks. I had a map with non-KW textures (from the PurpleGaga texture mod on moddb) and could not get the game to load it no matter what I tried. Now, it worked. Thanks Egozi too. I did not know maps could be compiled that way too.
  10. Devils Line

    How to compile maps for KW?

    Yes, it works. I get skudef and big file. However, how do I run the map? In the tutorial I linked in my first post they copy big file to any folder and add "add-big FILENAME.big" to the 1.2 skudef file in game folder.
  11. I thought this tutorial was working, but actually it does not work. http://thundermods.net/archiv/index.php?page=content&id=92 So, can anyone tell me how to compile maps for KW?
  12. Now that you mention it, it could have to do with your worldbuilder. As you can see from screenshot below, the icons for your worldbuilder and mine do not match. Even the name of program in top bar does not match. Yours says "Command & Conquer 3 worldbuilder" while mine says "Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars worldbuilder". I'll post my worldbuilder below too so check it out. CC3Worldbuilder(2).zip
  13. Okay, reason why your objects don't show up and why game ends immediately after starting the map is because there is literally nothing on the map. Worldbuilder shows 0 objects. Even player start points are not there. After I added start points for players game did not end after running map. Whether you really deleted absolutely everything, or something bugged out, or whatever.... I don't know. What you can do though, if you decide to edit the original map again is to do it step by step. Delete 10-15 objects, save map, see if it works. Rinse and repeat.
  14. Screenshot does not help at all. Compress the map folder with winrar then post the .rar file here, or alternatively upload the .rar file or all map files uncompressed somewhere else and post link here.