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    How to make mod maps in TW?

    Thanks. I will try it.
  2. A big hello, Hopefully someone can help me. For the past two days I have been surfing the web to learn how to make mod maps for TW & KW. By "mod map" I mean to convert them into a .big file and to add that "add-big MOD LOCATION HERE" line to the skudef file for TW & KW. When it comes to KW, I have managed to learn it from the link below and I have already started making my mod maps: http://thundermods.net/archiv/index.php?page=content&id=92 However, when it comes to TW I cannot find a single tutorial/guide/article on how to do it. Can someone help me in case they know how? I have MOD SDK and all additional files, but I don't know what to do. What I have tried is following: Paste map.xml file with or without all textures in .dds format (I tried both options-with and without textures) inside MOD SDK/Sample mod/Maps and then compile with buildmap. I managed to get those 4 files (relo, manifest, imp and bin). I created the same folder structure as in KW: (1) big/Data/AdditionalMaps/mapmetadata_MAPNAME.xml (I copied metadate from map.xml and changed "filename" line accordingly) (2) big/Data/unofficial/MAPNAME/ and copied all relevant files here (relo, imp, bin, manifest, .map, .art and the tga file). For KW the next step was to compile mapmetadata_MAPNAME.xml with wrathed, but I do not know how to compile it with MOD SDK. Buildmap does not do it. I tried skipping that step and made the .big file with makebig, copied the .big file inside the game folder, added the "add-big" line to skudef file and ran game, but map won't show up. ______________________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: I think the only issue is compiling the mapmetadata_MAPNAME.xml file. I used Wrathed to compile it since I don't know any other way of doing it, but if I do that, then TW can't start the mod. So if you know how to compile mapmetadata_MAPNAME.xml, that would be help enough. Thanks in advance for any help.