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  1. Pic of the Day

    so, I'll start. Post any cool pics you find and tell us about them. An S-37A and an SU-35 taking off
  2. Top 10 things science can't explain

    Riiight....I think we ALL know what that means...
  3. Now Playing - Music

    Metallica - The Struggle Within [black Album] now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to rock. and solo. and kick ****.
  4. Top 10 things science can't explain

    "I know your thoughts..." and we all thought Yuri was dumb...muahahaha Indeed it is. Although the mind can only go so far. Par Example...no Yuri's have surfaced in real life (and if someone says "oh no, thats what YOU think" I'll pay them a personal visit in my Apoc
  5. Top 10 things science can't explain

    10: WOW signal: Interference? Sure, If you're a looney. 1977 = Star Wars release. Go figure 9: Pioneer: Did they take into account the fattening of America? Or the many largeish asteroids that we keep finding? 8: Orgasms: I'm gona agree with that last statement. And they do have an evolutionary purpose. Would men want to have sex if it was boring? Duh, of course they would. But would they rather with the girl ALSO "having at it" or not? We'll go with the "yes" answer and by simple elimination, those with/out loose out in the long run. 7: Dark Energy?: Yes it's there, but they do a terrible job of explaining it. Expansion Theory 6: Speed of Light? Answer: Tachyons. They're faster. There's a whole plethora of faster particles. The problem? Crossing the barrier, up or down. 5: Placebo: Mind over matter. Try it. Happy people rarely get sick. Ever wonder why? 4: Cold Fusion: It aint cold if it produces heat! Large Hadron Collider comes online later on this year, hopefully we'll get a few surprises... 3: Yawning: You got me. It supposedly helps you to "refocus" but its also ridiculously contagious. 2: Dark Matter: This should be up there with dark energy. Different, yet similar. Gravity fields will give it away. 1: Before: God playing Billiards. After...."St. Micheal!! You lost, you rack!!" Simple 0: I'm back
  6. Now Playing - Music

    Peter Mayer - Loose in the World [stirrin' Up the Water]
  7. Now Playing - Music

    Peter Mayer - The Last Island
  8. Now Playing - Music

    Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4
  9. Now Playing - Music

    Rush - Subdivisions [signals]
  10. Now Playing - Music

    Rush - Kid Gloves [Grace Under Pressure]
  11. Now Playing - Music

    Rush - Freewill [Permanent Waves]
  12. Now Playing - Music

    Rush - Digital Man [signals]
  13. Names I Have Used On CNCNZ.com

    that was indeed, one of the best
  14. Names I Have Used On CNCNZ.com

    second that!
  15. Now Playing - Music

    The London Symphony Orchestra - The Landspeeder Search/Attack of the Sand People [A New Hope] Dream Theater - Panic Attack [Octavarium]
  16. Now Playing - Music

    Joe Satriani - Mighty Turtle Head [Time Machine]
  17. Now Playing - Music

    Rainbow - No Release [Difficult to Cure] Aerosmith -Dream On (Live) [Young Lust]
  18. Now Playing - Music

    Boston - Piece of Mind [boston]
  19. Names I Have Used On CNCNZ.com

    Man o man....all in good fun, ace. People tend to be a bit more colorful on forums, and I only say that because half of the interpretation of the person is what they put into it, the other half is how the readers read you. And everyone does that differently. cheers- 8)
  20. Now Playing - Music

    John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess - In The Moment [An Evening With John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess]
  21. Now Playing - Music

    Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons [A Change of Seasons]
  22. Now Playing - Music

    John Petrucci - Damage Control [suspended Animation]
  23. Now Playing - Music

    Rush - Prime Mover [Hold Your Fire]
  24. Now Playing - Music

    Golden Earring - Twilight Zone [The Continuing Story of Radar]
  25. Now Playing - Music

    Rush - Faithless [snakes & Arrows]