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  1. Cygnus X-1

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    Got some of the guys at work listening to Frank Klepackis non C&C works
  2. I'm sure if EA ever greenlights TS remaster then we'll be able to publicly dive into the lore of Kane a bit more
  3. Cygnus X-1

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    Listen here, you're selling it to me before I'm ready to pick up a new game to play lol
  4. Cygnus X-1

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  5. Cygnus X-1

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    Worth it for the rest of us to check out?
  6. I don't know if I would say reincarnates. We obviously see him damaged several times throughout the series, including the Nod campaign in Tiberian, Sun, and in Kane's Wrath. This implies that he has extra human healing ability, or he somehow using the tanks for rejuvenation kind of like a back detang from Star wars. Which is not out of the question for someone like Kane. Low key absolutely loved the ending there of Firestorm that showed the clones plus Kane and his voice being superimposed over Cabal's voice. As much as I like Legion in Kane's Wrath, I'm still slightly bittersweet about the fact that the Cabal storyline was not further developed Thanks to EA's shenanigans.
  7. Cygnus X-1

    What piece of game music is always stuck in your head?

    The Video Game Soundtrack disks (orchestrated) version of Tetris has been living in my head rent free on my job sites lately
  8. Cygnus X-1

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    Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn. That's a hell of a plot
  9. Cygnus X-1

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    Roommate has been playing a lot of civilization lately. That's fun.
  10. Cygnus X-1

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    Bro Rocket league is a good giggle
  11. Cygnus X-1

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    They need a C&C rocket league
  12. Cygnus X-1

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    I think that's part of the appeal of the Pokemon games is that they are fun and mildly challenging but pretty easy if you just want to get through them. I always enjoyed various generations of them although it has been a while. I think Heartgold was the last time I really played
  13. Cygnus X-1

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    And I recently resurrected RA2/YR via CnC net patch. Been rocking those out again. Don't have time or dedication for massive new games, that's the roommates job
  14. Cygnus X-1

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    Geeze man Dream Theater - Dance of Eternity (Live Scenes from New York)