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  1. Acerz492

    Pic of the Day

    When asked what car my friend drove, he responded with this picture. I hope I've put this in right, been a long time since I've messed around with putting pictures on the forums.
  2. Acerz492

    Now Playing - Music

    AC/DC - Rock 'n' Roll Train
  3. Acerz492


    Just go into a pub and get a tab, drink as much as you can, then get the hell out of there and never go there again. Worked for me once or twice.
  4. How's it going Sally?

  5. Acerz492


    It should have been a booby trap. Booby traps are awsome. Especially on birthdays.
  6. Just got the album myself, enjoying it but meh. Guess it's gunna be shelved away and kept in mint condition like most of my bought albums so I can pawn them off when i'm 65.
  7. Acerz492

    'Sup guys

    Nah not really. I'm just gunna be lurking for awhile, I'll end up joining in regular discussions at some point.
  8. Acerz492

    'Sup guys

    Ahahahaha oh man I missed you too Shah. Got any good stories/rants that I may have missed somewhere for me to read?
  9. Acerz492

    'Sup guys

    Awwwr ilu2.
  10. Acerz492

    'Sup guys

    I've just been busy doing heaps of stuff (read: drinking, partying, playing with girls, sleeping in to 2pm.) and playing WoW as well as studying and working. Just been too busy to really do much online, barely play WoW as it is rofl. Haai Mina missed you too
  11. Acerz492

    'Sup guys

    I'm not cheap. Man this place has changed, good to be back, should be somewhat permanent. Good to see ya'll. And yes, Docter Destiney, you got me to come back.
  12. Acerz492

    'Sup guys

    Long time no see. How've you all been?
  13. Cool sig you got there mate, who made that for you? XD hehe

  14. Acerz492

    Sonic sues Sega

    'Course it does.
  15. Acerz492

    Sonic sues Sega

    S'why you eat at Wendy's. Srsly.