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  1. Greetings one and all, Having played the campaigns and numerous skirmishes, I have encountered a few tactical 'issues' and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to offer some insight for me. These issues seem primarily based around the Allies and the Empire of the Rising Sun: 1) How can the Empire of the Rising Sun expand for more Ore efficiently mid-game? This issue looms mid game when the Soviet Union and the Allies have very obvious small 'expansion' units, the Empire has it's mobile buildings allowing setup anywhere. This should not cause a problem overall but when playing a canny opponent, the moment such a refinery core appears a squadron of bombers or anti-tank units appear like magic, blow it away for a minimal sacrifice to yourself. The Soviet Union can simply Iron Curtain their Sputniks and deploy the refinery as soon as the Sputnik is deployed, and the Allies Chronosphere means a sufficient presence can see a refinery deployed with base defences in an instant. The Empire has to transport 3/4 Cores then let them deploy, then wait for construction to finish while mounting a defence. It sounds simple but it really isn't. Inversely, the Empire are the easiest to expand with early game, but having to focus a lot of resources on early expansion seems a bit silly. 2) How do you stop the Soviet MiGs? The anti-air unit of choice of the USSR is the MiG. This unit can shoot down anything else in seconds and retreat before you can effectively deal with it. This is also when it reloads and brings another salvo of death to your aerial units. This wouldn't be a problem if the units needed to counter these threats actually did their job efficiently. The Soviet Bullfrog is too slow, as is the Minigunner IFV and the Striker VX. Other air units can't do it as they get ripped to pieces before a real counter assault can be launched and the MiGs rarely go on the offensive meaning they avoid base defences. Once again this causes more issues for the Empire* than the Allies or Soviets as two of their primary units - the mecha tengu and the Striker/Chopper VX are meant to be versatile using their abilities to fly rather than be amphibious - a trait unique to the Tsunami tank. The tengu can fight back momentarily in this incidence but their bullets are ineffective against the MiG and were clearly designed with Helicopter hunting in mind. Perhaps it is more inefficent resource use on my own part here, but being shot out of the sky every time I try and counter assault a squadron of Twinblades using Tengu really is an annoyance and the VX end up being ripped to pieces by the Twinblades or the hammer tank they are always carrying. *This is as an aside to the obvious source of AA in the form of Yuirko. 3) Are the Soviet Union the better of the trio of factions? This conclusion is the most personal of the three. Playing as the Soviet Union I find it hard to lose. I have always adored the Soviet Union and found them to be the better faction in previous games (Yuris Revenge aside) and RA3 really seems to give them the beef once again. They seem to be able to do everything and do it better than average. Aerial Assaults? Kirovs and Twinblades with MiGs for protection is superb. Ground attack? V3 rockets coupled with Hammer tanks and Bullfrogs won't fail. Infantry rush? Bullfrog them in and watch them spread like wildfire behind enemy defences. Naval Destruction? Dreadnoughts supported by Submarines and Bullfrogs (recurring theme maybe) Combine the above and what occurs is one of the guiding principles of war - being strong. The ability to simply do anything and do it well means that something in the enemy tactical situation is going to give leading to the advantage being pressed in that area. This means the hole will be plugged leaving deficiencies elsewhere thus the Soviet Domino effect occurs - a player can't be everywhere at once and something gives. Usually this is going to be the inability to deal with long and short range attacks simultaneously resulting in V3 rockets and dreadnoughts getting the drop on you in the blink on an eye. This is all considered before the full ramifications of the Soviets exceptional offensive abilities and the Iron Curtain are even considered. I could go on all day! Obviously, this was intended to invite comments, so please, comment away! - Mr Lee
  2. Mr_Lee_

    Conquer this life

    There's an even greater irony to that link than you may realise.
  3. Mr_Lee_


    The freeze works on ships and you can chrono enemy tanks.
  4. Mr_Lee_

    So, thoughts on the game?

    The game was great, not excellent as some of the factors in it that shouldn't be an issue really DID become an issue later on. A prime example of this being the Empire of the Rising Suns being unable to counter aerial assaults in a swift manner leading to their Shogun Cruisers being shrunk. The Soviets have the Bullfrog and the Allies have their amazing disabling boat (name escapes me). Why don't the Empire have anything? *sigh* The acting was good fun and reflective of the fun, slightly camp nature of the game. I've done the Allied and Soviet missions but am finding the Empire of the Rising Sun to be a real uphill struggle. Not because I'm a bad player, but because a lot of their campaign doesn't make too much sense. Why, for example, in a mission where you are given a limited number of Shogun Cruisers, can you not then train more and instead have to rely on the Nagante Battleships? *sigh*
  5. Mr_Lee_

    C&C3 - New Units & Structures

    << With a single bound he was free >> Unit wise, ifd they have the return of beauties like the Cyborg Commando and the excellent Mammoth Mk II, I will be a very happy bunny. I would like something with a bit of range to it for the GDI. The Titans of TD were good, but if there was a couple of obelisks it was game over in some cases. The hover MLRS and the disruptors just weren't enough. On the Nod side of things, I'm hoping this mech they're supposed to be getting has the ability to withstand a prolonged firefight longer than the tick tanks did. The Nod artillery also HAS to stay.
  6. Mr_Lee_

    C&C3 - New Units & Structures

    I personally thought the Generals mines were a lot better than the RA ones. Moving and reloading that mine layer was bloody annoying. Somethign that combined the mass of mines with the ability to 'lay' them would be good middle ground though. I would like to see the return of the wonderful Cyborg Commando. Nothing seemed to fill me with a bigger sense of enjoyment than seeing a load of Titans suddenyl change course at the sight of one little man.
  7. Mr_Lee_

    The Godfather Game: Too Violent?

    The control system on it is awful and it butchered a great film. I say No.
  8. Mr_Lee_

    Holy Freaking Christ

    Pick up thy righteous sword and smite the evil forum dwellers. ...I agree with Inferno, this is rather pointless.
  9. Mr_Lee_

    Tips to defeat the Tigress Leang

    The OP is too general, we need to be told who you're playing as against her to be given a better idea of what it is that you want to know about defeating Leang.
  10. Mr_Lee_

    USA Air force General Strat?

    Scissors > Paper The airforce general can be used as a turtling general, so follow a basic turtling strategy of defending yourself profusely while sending out planes, combat chinooks and comanches, supporting them with the particle cannon and generals powers.
  11. Mr_Lee_

    Fair or unfair?

    Evolve and adapt. If people don't like the way you play they should do something about it, not make you do something about it.
  12. The building of hype, while being critical, is also the potential downfall of the game. If its going to be anything like a sucess, we need to fed enough to want more, but not so much that when its released, we're left feeling hungry.
  13. Mr_Lee_

    TS Temple Of Nod Casemod

    Didn't Lion have this on the DEN ages ago? Its a very good case anyway.
  14. Mr_Lee_

    Why Complain!?

    I've stopped polluting this site for your information. King, my problem with you has revolved around this 'tease' you continually do on the members of this forum because you seem to have a few extra facts over other people. I've got no personal gripe with you, just holding back facts because it has a tendency to make some people thing that you're better than them. I'll explain the context to you via MSN next time you appear online. Hypnotist - you're far from qualified to dictate anything based on social skills. If I recall, you jumped off the bandwagon because of the lack of an announcement, thats real loyalty that is. Sonic - that comment on the site made me laugh loudly. You're right, and I was indeed refering to the way the forums seem to have been more of a stomping ground than somewhere for people to post. Subsequent posters simply latch onto something and turn it into all out warfare. I'm made up about the announcement but I'm a firm believer than if someone has something good, then they should share it.