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  1. Alphabear

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Yeah there is nothing else that comes close. I know people wanted a return to the 'talking directly to the commander' style after TS, but personally they were my favourite.
  2. Alphabear

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Yeah I think we are all guilty of the hindsight cringe.
  3. Alphabear

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Hello again! Good to hear from you I feel like at this rate if someone doesn't return without posting the Kane Lives scene from TS I will be disappointed. My bets on Luc3us
  4. Alphabear

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Yeah I saw those threads. Hopefully with the remake they might drop in to say hello
  5. Alphabear

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Wow quite a bit. Its fascinating touching base with old online acquaintances from a decade ago and hearing how things have been, like in this and a few other threads here. I was always planning on joining the airforce or dreaming of becoming a pilot. Ended up graduating with an Environmental Science degree, and worked more or less for the same employer for the past 9 years doing various environmental projects. Been involved in a few esports scenes, although very much as entertainment not work, and got addicted to Eve Online for a few years. Now playing soccer again and living with my long term partner. No kids yet though, but maybe someday.
  6. Is it still possible to order one of the collectors editions?
  7. Alphabear

    Now Playing - Games

    Rainbow Six Siege (Getting back into comp play) and Apex Legends
  8. Alphabear

    Old Commander reporting for duty

  9. Hi Everyone. Not sure who remembers me still but I'm Alpha, or as I go by these days Birnabear. Been trying to temper my excitement for the CNC remakes as much as possible but it has finally all boiled up to a point and I am super excited for some more Tiberium harvesting shortly. I feel like I spent most of my formative internet days in the 00s in these forums as well as petro-gamers, so it gives me the warm and fuzzies to see it all still going. It's been a while (aside from a brief visit in 2016) but its great to see a heap of old names I recognise, as well as a heap of new ones which is good to see. Anyway, no more rambling. Hello all!
  10. Alphabear


    Just curious, does anyone play Wargame? I have a few thousand hours logged in both Wargame: Airland Battle and Wargame: Red Dragon. I was wondering if any other RTS fans here got into it as much as I have.
  11. Project Reality for Battlefield 2 is a good example. Squad is an interesting one to try and fit because while having nothing to do with battlefield its a standalone game from some of the Project Reality developers and a spiritual successor to project reality, so not sure if that counts or not.
  12. Alphabear

    Trump v Clinton

    You know, I wasn't sure how long it was going to take for the US to take back the crown of worst leader since we blitzed the field with Tony Abbott, but it seems you may be doing just that.
  13. Alphabear

    Hello Everyone

    Yes true, but it fills a spot in their genre coverage with a game that will sell on name alone. From a business point of view they have a name that will be a guaranteed seller, in a market they have nothing else competing in. Does it need to be in the old style of C&C RTS? No. But that doesnt mean they cant generate an easy profit with the name alone. What about a mash-up. Command and Conquer: Star Wars (that one is just me dreaming )
  14. Alphabear

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

    I thought this movie was fantastic. I went and saw it again which is something I rarely do.
  15. Could it be due to not uninstalling properly in the previous instance (just deleting files) and it nor being removed from the registry / still having old files in place?