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    Just curious, does anyone play Wargame? I have a few thousand hours logged in both Wargame: Airland Battle and Wargame: Red Dragon. I was wondering if any other RTS fans here got into it as much as I have.
  2. Project Reality for Battlefield 2 is a good example. Squad is an interesting one to try and fit because while having nothing to do with battlefield its a standalone game from some of the Project Reality developers and a spiritual successor to project reality, so not sure if that counts or not.
  3. Alphabear

    Trump v Clinton

    You know, I wasn't sure how long it was going to take for the US to take back the crown of worst leader since we blitzed the field with Tony Abbott, but it seems you may be doing just that.
  4. Alphabear

    Hello Everyone

    Yes true, but it fills a spot in their genre coverage with a game that will sell on name alone. From a business point of view they have a name that will be a guaranteed seller, in a market they have nothing else competing in. Does it need to be in the old style of C&C RTS? No. But that doesnt mean they cant generate an easy profit with the name alone. What about a mash-up. Command and Conquer: Star Wars (that one is just me dreaming )
  5. Alphabear

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Everyone Just and old fool who decided to drop back in on my old favorite site and homepage for quite a while. Some of you may have noticed me in the shoutbox, some of you may even remember me from back in the days prior to RA3. I'm very glad to see this place still kicking along with so many names I remember. I have gotten back into a bit of a CNC mood of late so thought I would drop in here again. Certainly a lot of cool info and mods for me to try out which should keep my occupied for a while. Anyway its good to see you all again.
  6. Alphabear

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

    I thought this movie was fantastic. I went and saw it again which is something I rarely do.
  7. Could it be due to not uninstalling properly in the previous instance (just deleting files) and it nor being removed from the registry / still having old files in place?
  8. Alphabear

    Hello Everyone

    Good article. I pretty much agree with everything you have said.
  9. Alphabear

    Hello Everyone

    Early C&C4 development actually did have me a bit hyped at the new direction they were taking the game, that is until it came out and I realised how wrong I was. I was pretty hopeful for Generals 2. I wasn't expecting it to be fantastic, but for some reason I have found myself missing Zero Hour the most out of all the games, even though back when Zero Hour was the main game I was much more nostalgic for the original tiberium series. There's something about the generals/zh gameplay that I enjoyed and now miss. I have hope that the C&C series has a future still. I'm predicting an announcement in the next year or two of a new game. Purely because I cant imagine EA of all companies which under their current leadership of wanting to do right by players would let such an iconic franchise sit. It would be the perfect big name franchise to see a return of soon, even if completely isolated in terms of story.
  10. Alphabear

    Hello Everyone

    That I did. After Universe at War and petro-gamers ended I hung around for a bit through the RA3 beta and early days of RA3, up until about when the expansion came out. But by that stage I just wasnt feeling much into it, plus my Uni grades really needed a lot of focus.
  11. Since RA3 has been out for some time now, post up your Usernames so we know who to look for in the lobby lists / for co op Alphabear and when I'm logged in I'm usually in Casual Room 1 and always willing for a Co op Same name on Xfire too.
  12. Alphabear

    Whats your online IQ

    Yeah its definitely not an actual iq test
  13. Alphabear

    Whats your online IQ

    Yep far too easy
  14. Do you know when the Serenity was on screen. I had a look for it but didnt notice.
  15. Alphabear

    SW: EAW & FOC

    Get swbf2 and join us on our server.
  16. Alphabear

    Steam Can Be So Annoying

    No i have just had enough problems with steam to make me hate it. For example not being able to enter my cd key in because steam was too busy. At least my wait was only a few hours, unlike others who were still getting the error 24 hours after first trying to install empire total war. And then 2 days ago my housemate tried to install fear 2. Steam crashed during the install and upon starting it up again and trying again the cd key no longer works as it "is already in use". Older versions of steam used to crash our internet connection within 30 seconds of being logged on, requiring a reboot of the modem.
  17. Alphabear

    Steam Can Be So Annoying

    Its all the other issues that will hopefully cause it to fail. I knew empire total war used internet registration, but had known it was steam i probably wouldnt have bought it. Give me securom over steam any day. Hell i will even take starforce.
  18. Alphabear

    Flair VS Bear - Round 3

    Thats because its called Flair vs Bear not Flair vs guy in bear suit. The concept is that he is fighting an actual soviet bear.
  19. Congrats to all the winners, especially the C&C ones. Project Reality is a deserving winner too
  20. Dont really care if they are wrestlers or not to be honest as i dont know any of them anyway. As long as they play the part right just like any other actor i will be happy.
  21. Alphabear

    Pic of the Day

    That kind of thing is very common in tests where there are large numbers to be marked such as university exams. The tests papers are split up to go to different markers that only mark one of the questions, so in some cases pages are left blank like that to make it easier to split.
  22. Alphabear

    Top Gear

    They have used many of Franks C&C tracks in Top Gear over the years
  23. Alphabear

    Intel 32nm Processor coming soon!

    hyper threading has been out for a long time, longer than multi core cpus
  24. Alphabear

    Hey dudes

  25. Alphabear

    Now Playing - Games

    Im pretty sure you didnt need the internet to install it either. Just dont register it.