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  1. Hey, I was just wondering how tricky it would be to get all the cursor images from TD so I can build me some windows cursors from 'em. I mean... is there an easier way then taking screenshots and cutting out the mouse cursor? I already tried rummaging through the MIX files, but haven't found 'em there... so anyway know how to get them?
  2. There is actually. The only problem is that to use it, you need to install it properly, as the source files are kind of useless unless you know how to change them into whatever they're supposed to be. And the installer only works on Win98 with the PLUS pack installed. At least... that's what I know. I had the theme running on my '98 machine. I'm not sure it had cursors too though...
  3. Yeah I just tried that, didn't work. I also tried reinstalling the game from the other CD (the NOD disc) in case something b0rked there, but the problem persists... Although I have noticed that as I CTRL+ALT+DEL (task manager for me) out of the game, for a few seconds the sound flips back to normal speed. I found this out as I was messing with the priority during the intro scene. (that btw, didn't work VERY well, I got the intro to play a little faster, but nothing near normal speed) And that while my PC is superior to my friends machine in every way... Edit: Nevermind I found the problem, some guy at the EA forums suggested to disable hardware acceleration with sound (via dxdiag) and that worked perfectly! Thanks anyway
  4. It's sort of funny how some people here lose their heads over the other's opinion. Personally I think Bioshock is an okay game... maybe better then okay (just playing through FEAR because a friend recommended it, Bioshock is 'more') but it's nowhere near what all the hype is making out of it. It's not the game of the year IMO, mainly because: - Combat is mediocre at best. Sure you have an interesting weapon system (implants, multiple ammo types) but when you go to the core of it, it's almost broken... - Little variety, just another 'kill person, flip switch, watch cut-scene, kill more persons' shooter - Interesting setting, but not really delivering in the storytelling aspect. There are clues, which is fun in itself, but the story is very detached from what you're doing... like most every shooter it's another reason to kill stuff. Whoop-dee-doo... In short, that's what makes Bioshock an OK, but definitely not a great game. Maybe Yoko is indeed right about mediocrity outselling great games... I mean... the gaming industry has become more like the Hollywood movie industry and look what good that does us. But the similarities don't end at money before innovation, every once in a while, you find a movie/game that's like a gem between shiny rocks, something that's so innovative/fresh/cool that it stands out and makes you go "yeah that's it!" but the truth is that most games can't offer that kind of "brilliance" because it's so rare (which explains why it's so cool, if it where everyday it might become as normal as your mediocrity) so the real question here would be... are games becoming more mediocre indeed? Or are we so used to this level of accomplishment that only the excellent stand out? Just a point to consider I suppose... it's all a matter of perspective anyway
  5. So I got C&C95 from there, and installed it. All works fine except for one thing... the audio speed is screwing up. By that I mean that it constantly varies in speed, then slow, then a bit faster, then slow again. It's really friggin' annoying to play like that and my buddy who also downloaded the same thing (in fact I got the images from him, since he'd already downloaded them) has no problems whatsoever. We're both using the same compatibility settings, both running Windows XP. Is this a known problem or is it 'tough luck buddy' for me?
  6. Hi, I just have a short question. I just made a new unit, and 2 voxels for this unit, the body and the turret. However, the turret seems to be at the same height of the body ingame. And since my turret is slightly bigger then the body, the entire body essentially disapears. So I just wanted to know how you can adjust the Height of your turret, relative to the body.
  7. Very well, relevant entries posted below. [Houses] 0=GDI 1=Nod 2=SAF 3=Neutral 4=Special [sides] GDI=GDI Nod=Nod SatForce=SAF Civilian=Neutral Mutant=Special [sAF] Name=SatForce Suffix=sAF Prefix=G Color=Blue Multiplay=yes Side=SatForce ; SatForce Power Plant [sAFPWR] Name=SatForce Power Plant Strength=750 Armor=wood TechLevel=1 Sight=4 Adjacent=2 Owner=SatForce,GDI Cost=300 Points=40 Power=200 Capturable=true Crewed=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 MaxDebris=6 ThreatPosed=0 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys,BigGreySmokeSys DamageSmokeOffset=450, 200, 300 TogglePower=no Image=NAPOWR ; (Prequisite Entry for the power plant) PrerequisitePower=GAPOWR,NAPOWR,NAAPWR,SAFPWR additionally, I added SatForce as an owner for the construction yard and the MCV, The Tiberium refinery and silo as well as light infantry and a new vehicle If I missed something that might be worth looking at, let me know.
  8. Did you read my last post? Adding my new side to the new Construction Yards (and MCV's) owner doesn't allow me to build any of the structures I created for my new side. Or any generic structures. The Build list just shows up as blank as it was before I deployed my MCV. And that's kind of the problem Edit: I did a little 'research' on the problem and I've found that setting the owner of my new powerplant to GDI as well as my new side, causes the building to show up, but with a greyed out icon. I can click it (and Cabal tells me "building") but it doesn't actually build. maybe this helps...
  9. Tried that, didn't work either. I get the same problem, deploy the MCV, and even though there's structures I'm SUPPOSED to be able to build, there's nothing there. So there isn't a real way to add a new side that can actually build stuff? Or is there some workaround for the problem?
  10. Alright, that's pretty nifty! Hmm, looks like I need some help though. I used the above method to add my own side in Tiberian Sun, but it seems that my new Construction yard (a clone off the old one, with some basic stuff changed) isn't functional. The multiple MCV problem is negligable but the not being able to build is sort of an issue So without starting a whole new thread about the subject, does anyone know how to fix that?
  11. It may have been posted before, if so, feel free to remove this thread. I have finally found a Multiplayer fix for the very first C&C. It allows you to play over TCP LAN and Internet, even under Win2000/WinXP. I've tested it myself and it works perfectly in combination with the XP/2K installation procedure (the one with the compatibility settings ) and I've played with my own 2000 machine VS an XP machine over our LAN. Really Badass the patch can be downloaded from Fileplanet here: http://www.planetcnc.com/files/main/index....amp;fileid=1654
  12. Rider

    Voxel alignment problem...

    It took a little while, but I have a comparison screenshot set up HERE I get this with every voxel I add myself...
  13. I'm currently working on a new mod, and I've ran into an issue that I've seen many times before. All of my newly added voxels are aligned to the bottom of the 'cell', sometimes causing the new units to move 'through' other structures/units. It's quite annoying really, I've tried to find a voxeloffset parameter, but there doesn't seem to be one. The voxels I made are currently aligned to the center, in the editor anyway So my question: Is there a way to align the new voxels to the center of a cell?
  14. so lately I started to make some maps for C&C Tiberian Dawn, and it's going quite well, except that some of the triggers don't work as I can't remember how it went exactly :roll: anyway, here's my issue: The Enemy won't rebuild his base. I have a Base section, a production (and autocreate) trigger but he doesn't rebuild anything! Any help is appreciated! Below is my Base section, and my triggers. [TRIGGERS] HOT=ATTACKED,ALL TO HUNT,0,BADGUY,NONE,0 AIR1=DESTROYED,AIRSTRIKE,0,WEST,NONE,1 AUTO=TIME,AUTOCREATE,250,BADGUY,NONE,0 LOSE=ALL DESTR.,LOSE,0,GOODGUY,NONE,0 MKHUNT=ATTACKED,CREATE TEAM,0,BADGUY,HUNT1,0 PROD=TIME,PRODUCTION,50,BADGUY,NONE,0 SEEKNDES=BLDGS DESTR.,CREATE TEAM,0,BADGUY,HUNT1,0 WIN=ALL DESTR.,WIN,0,BADGUY,NONE,0 [bASE] 000=NUK2,167787520 001=NUK2,167787008 002=NUK2,167786496 003=PROC,134229248 004=SILO,33565952 005=SILO,33566464 006=SILO,33566976 007=SILO,67121408 008=HAND,33569536 009=SAM,33565440 010=SAM,201337600 011=SAM,151010048 012=SAM,151009280 013=GUN,234893568 014=GUN,234894848 015=OBLI,167784704 016=OBLI,167785984 017=NUK2,33568000 018=FIX,117453312 019=FACT,33568768 020=SAM,33568256 021=SAM,33569792 022=GUN,939534592 023=GUN,1006643456 024=OBLI,905980672 025=OBLI,1006643968 026=NUK2,989871104 027=NUK2,989870592 028=NUK2,939539456 029=NUK2,939538944 030=PROC,838875904 031=MISS,989869056 032=FACT,838874112 033=AFLD,922759936 034=SAM,922758400 035=SAM,1023421696 036=SAM,805318656 037=SAM,805319680 038=SAM,822098944 039=SAM,822097664 040=SAM,922762240 041=SAM,922761216 042=SAM,973092352 043=NUK2,16777472 044=NUK2,16777984 045=NUK2,16778496 046=NUK2,67109120 047=NUK2,67109632 048=NUK2,67110144 049=GUN,234882560 050=GUN,234883840 051=OBLI,184550400 052=OBLI,184552704 053=NUK2,16783616 054=NUK2,16783104 055=NUK2,67114752 056=NUK2,67115264 057=SILO,117446912 058=SILO,117446400 059=SILO,151000832 060=SILO,151001344 061=SILO,151000320 062=SILO,117445888 063=HQ,83899904 064=HQ,989868288 065=HQ,67114240 066=FIX,67113472 067=PROC,117440768 068=OBLI,301995520 069=SAM,301994752 070=SAM,184552192 071=SAM,184550656 072=SAM,201326848 073=SAM,268439552 074=SAM,167779840 075=SAM,167779328 076=SAM,134222592 077=SAM,16781056 078=SAM,16778752 079=FACT,33556480 080=HAND,83889920 081=AFLD,134220032 082=HPAD,16781568 083=HPAD,16782080 084=HPAD,16782592 085=FACT,33557504 086=SILO,33567488 087=PROC,67120384 088=SILO,67121920 089=GTWR,100665344 090=GTWR,100666112 091=GTWR,100666880 092=PROC,117441536 093=PYLE,150999296 094=WEAP,184554496 095=HPAD,805317376 096=HPAD,805317888 097=ATWR,822096384 098=GTWR,838873088 099=PROC,838875136 100=HPAD,855649024 101=HPAD,855649536 102=GTWR,872427520 103=GTWR,922758144 104=GTWR,922758912 105=NUK2,939538432 106=NUK2,989870080 107=GTWR,1023421440 108=GTWR,1023422208 I know it's an old subject, but maybe there are some old-timers left in here
  15. Rider

    OS SHP Builder 3.23 released!

    I really like your Cameo generator in that thing! There's only 1 thing "wrong" with your program... first of all, I have to select the palette myself, no biggie, but when I create a new image (with another still open) it chooses the Unittype palette regardless of the one used in the other open image. Like I said, it's not a big deal but it would make it 'feel' more professional and there has to be an easyer way to get the perspective on buildings right...
  16. Rider

    My first mod...

    Some features that I already have in my mod: * More crates, and use of some unused crate goodies (like the nuke) * Maximum starting amount of cash and units upped for MP * Powerplants produce almost 10x the power, but also cost more * Anti-Air defenses cheaper * 1 new AA structure for each side * American paradrop now uses Guardian GI's * Some new units I'm probably going to find something to aid players in making larger and more effective bases, not sure how yet... I'll probably also add a number of balanced units to each side.
  17. This is my first Mod for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge. It needs a lot of work, but I just wanted to show off some screens I made yesterday http://www.geocities.com/riderrockon/modscreens.html
  18. Rider

    My first mod...

    The floating 'boxes' in Yuri's base is an early voxel I revived from my old Mod. I'm gonna make a new one sometime soon but this'll do as a placeholder. The big hovering things in the allied bases are Cruisers... first voxel I made myself purely with the Voxel Section editor btw, Fenring, this mod isn't about unit-whoring. I merely added a few new units (and structures, but those still use existing art) to keep things a little interresting. And yes this mod is mostly about action, but that's what I like
  19. Rider

    Help! Mayor Ra2 - YR freak!

    to me it looks like it's filling the memory with empty information at the end...
  20. Well my Yuri's revenge won't work anymore! When I start a game it loads a bit (blank screen, music sounds) and then it crashes. I reinstalled, but the same thing happens. I fear my CD is busted, it doesn't load much (unlike a while ago when I had no problems at all) It's unmodded, fresh install and everything, anyone any ideas?
  21. Rider

    Help! Mayor Ra2 - YR freak!

    reinstalled like you said, still get the error. I think my CD just won't load correctly anymore, because I got this error before (thought it was my mod) it just kinda stopped working at some point. I guess I'll pick me up a new copy, don't think it'll be that expensive, maybe 10 bucks at the local toy store.... still sucks, anyway thanks for your help Edit: btw, here's the exception dump I found in the RA2YR folder... maybe it'll be some food for thought. Error code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Description: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Access address:00000000 was read from. Exception occurred at 0069DC1B Version zzz Internal Version 1.000 Release Build: 104 by gsmallwoo - 08/22/2001 - 19:12:30 CPU Pentium III, MMX Yes, Vendor: AuthenticAMD Details: Eip:0069DC1B Esp:0012CFA4 Ebp:0012D06C Eax:0000000F Ebx:0012D12C Ecx:00000000 Edx:00000000 Esi:05D70430 Edi:00000000 EFlags:00010206 CS:001b SS:0023 DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000 Bytes at CS:EIP (0069DC1B) : 66 83 3F FF 74 08 8B C7 5F 5D 83 C4 70 C3 8A 47 10 84 C0 74 09 8B 47 0C 5F 5D 83 C4 70 C3 A1 2C Stack dump (* indicates possible code address) : 0012CFA4: 05D70454 0012CFA8: 0012D06C 0012CFAC: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012CFB0: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012CFB4: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012CFB8: 0012CF88 0012CFBC: 0012CFFC 0012CFC0: 0012FF24 0012CFC4: 7C5C1F44 0012CFC8: 7C571E80 0012CFCC: FFFFFFFF DATA_PTR 0012CFD0: 08260020 .... 0012DF68: 00780065 0012DF6C: 00000065 DATA_PTR 0012DF70: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF74: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF78: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF7C: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF80: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF84: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF88: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF8C: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF90: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF94: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF98: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DF9C: 00000000 DATA_PTR 0012DFA0: 00000000 DATA_PTR
  22. Rider

    Help RA2 YR sort of beginner modder

    in wich maps does your building b0rk? Is it snow maps or maps bigger then a certain size or what?
  23. Rider

    YR AI Project

    Sounds like a great plan! I'm hoping for massive battles at long last! btw, would it possible to add more "AI" levels available in skirmish? or a AIBuildsSuperweapons funtion in the menu?
  24. Rider

    Extremely annoying -- RA2 YR Mod

    I kinda uninstalled everything yesterday :oops: I don't handle frustration that well I'm afraid, thanks anyway maybe someday I'll rebuild this mod using all the artwork and such that I have in those zips...
  25. I have been modding away at RA2 YR for a while now, and for some reason it won't run anymore. I can get into the Main menu, and set everything up, but now when it starts loading a skirmish mission, it hangs. I can hear music, but the screen stays blank, and after half a minute it crashes with the all familiair dialog. I haven't changed it since the last time I ran it, and it ran perfectly then, I can't begin to comprehend why it won't work. any ideas?