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  1. thanks for the birthday wish buddy :D

  2. hey all, havent been on in a while. thanks for the birthday wishes =D !!

  3. my hunch is never. i think C&C is done =[
  4. rEdaSbLood

    CNCNZ.com Mod Feature - Renegade X

    ooo i want the standalone!
  5. happy birthday from the cncnz birthday fairy!

  6. command and conquer was my first meaningful videogame experience. it felt awesome to command forces into the enemy's base and destroy them. i was a kid, and i grew up on action movies with real heroes. command and conquer was a step into a world of action, honor, glory, and strategy. command and conquer entered my life at a young age, and it probably had some sort of butterfly effect on my whole life. this is why i think people are passionate about the game, and rage about things that disappoint them; command and conquer has more than just a mundane meaning for us. it is no shallow form of entertainment. it fulfilled multiple levels of pleasure: excitement, challenge, imagination. and i wont rage on about EA and what they did, but saying that i think they violated MY franchise in order to "try" something new actually speaks to what command and conquer is to me and what i've invested in it.
  7. rEdaSbLood

    Lion Says Goodbye

    i agree gben. it makes me sad to see him go, i wish he gave a speech so we could understand the situation more. and i dont blame the EA bashers for pointing fingers. i too feel like they are responsible for the loss of hope & loyalty.
  8. nmenth i feel the same way. honestly, does EA expect us NOT to hate them at this point? cmon rly ea?
  9. yes this looks really cool even though i despise apple, and the ipad is silly. but, RA mobile makes more sense on an ipad than an iphone i guess
  10. rEdaSbLood

    Command & Conquer 4 Released Worldwide

    only justified use of his methods
  11. congrats guys (lol at all of them, esp inferno's)
  12. rEdaSbLood

    Command & Conquer 4 Released Worldwide

    yea there are other things wrong with the game that 'hitler' didnt mention lol. but he did hit the major flaws... maybe its best he didnt get into detail...prevent further raging
  13. rEdaSbLood

    Command & Conquer 4 Released Worldwide

    yes, IMO the hitler rant never gets old. this time its def. appropriate. i wasn't really one to rage or be negative about what EA has done, but now C&C4 was the last straw.. anyone see the ending yet? i'm very displeased
  14. i agree womp =[ once again, C&C was raped
  15. rEdaSbLood

    Command & Conquer 4 Released Worldwide

    my sentiments EXACTLY about C&C4... UTTER FAIL