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  1. i must necro myself

    it's been over a year


  2. (ha) crazy

    10000 Posts!

    Way to go man now i don't think I'll ever catch up to you or luk3us
  3. cleaned up my desktop and here's what it was a week ago just waiting on a friend to finish making some new backgrounds for me ps: i forgot how random you all get
  4. ok just changed it, had the last one for a month and yes i do realise that the side pic is the same and no i did not rig it like that
  5. (ha) crazy

    Pic of the Day

    wow that is so true :lol:
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    Now Playing - Music

    Andrew W.K. Remakes of MS Gundam
  7. (ha) crazy


    hwy i thought you all might like this game it is free to download, it is not fully online yet, it's in a new server stress test, as of now no damage to your mobile suit while you're in it but if you get out make sure no enemies are around, the site is here if you want to check it out further if you are on there please let me know and i will allow you to join one of my two MS teams here are some pictures of a few of the mbile suits
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    Now Playing - Games

    Command and Conquer series, Combat Arms, UCGO, Battlefield 2, CS1.6, APB
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    back to stay.... mabye

    Hey all Crazy here just wanted to let you all know i've got a new computer and will be on more often from now on.
  10. (ha) crazy

    greatest game character

    well I was thinking "who is the best classic video game character?" so I am now going to accept nominations The chriteria for being nominated are they must be from a game that is at least 10 years or older sequals can be more recentsorry no halo yet and no player characters for rpgs except final fantasy so my nominations are kane and big boss
  11. (ha) crazy

    greatest game character

    So far we have gordon Freeman from Half Life, Duke Nukem, duck from Roller Coaster Tycoon, And of course our very own Kane sorry I forgot to mention that to get on the poll a character needs to be nominated by two different people
  12. (ha) crazy

    Do you have the guts to get the job done?

    me I've never finished gears of war 2 but then again I haven't played it that much and I don't own it but that's about it
  13. Hey I started a new mod for RA2 and every time I start the soviet campaign the game crashes. As best as I can figure the problem is with a special soviet structure that can call in reenforcements because when I disabled it the game ran fine including the spetznaz troops that I put in any help?
  14. (ha) crazy

    Kane and Yuri

    I made this same mistake when I was new around here and I forget who but someone chewed me a new one hmm it's around here somewhere anyways don't try to compare the two... please
  15. (ha) crazy

    what did you get for xmas

    rock band super mario galaxy :moonie: model of a B-25J mitchell GIJoe 25th anniversary F.A.N.G. and C.L.A.W. vehicle pack U.S. Army 1970 survival manual Iron Man
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    Sig Shop

    Thanks luk3us.
  17. (ha) crazy

    morrowind mod help

    i need some help with a mod i'm making for TES III morrowind basically I want to add slave armor types, male and female. i have the list somewhere i'll post this and go look for the stuff any help would be greatly appreciated
  18. (ha) crazy

    morrowind mod help

    do you know a good one?


  21. sonic question for you would red vs blue be in gaming discussion forum or general fourum?

  22. when you get back please check the sig shop

    i would like that done

  23. (ha) crazy

    A Black Bond!?

    Ok first. In Casino Royale Bond MADE USE OF HIS HEAD unlike people like Roger Moore. he also used technology to maximum potential like the laptop GPS tracking trick. I need to watch it again but i don't remember Bond firing a shot in Casino Royale keep in mind i havent seen it recently enough secondly i agree that each bond did have thier own qualities third i agree about the WWII spy stuff but keep in mind that they had to use thier heads more than anything else
  24. (ha) crazy

    A Black Bond!?