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  1. If only EA announce it along with proper C&c game it might perform better consider Rivals it self is very good game.
  2. Holy_Master

    The Imperial Realm: Miranda

    Ah Ok I'm understand and admire you afford. I wonder if you make this project as side work or main job? truly I really want to say I could help but my 3D skill quite out date [i'm more 2D guy now - -" ] and I also have other project to take care. which might be impossible to work under deadline. even so I really want to know more about your game like story , faction, units from article I read mostly is about development but didn't say much about the game.
  3. Holy_Master

    The Imperial Realm: Miranda

    glade to see someone still making RTS game but from I check on your project I wonder if you do it alone? and seem like you lack of graphic artist in your team since seem like you bought RTS model pack from somewhere use for your game but honestly I saw so many game [i can list their name if you want] use that set of model for their game and it start to bore me when i saw them. [those pack really overused IMO] I hope you just use them just for place holder for the real thing that can make me feel more excite to see.
  4. i just dont want to let there know it release until i done better version. the reason is complicate.
  5. it still possible to finish because i still around and looking for chance to update my mod.
  6. hello i'm already release my 4 year project mod "Reign of steel" the mod that base on GDI vs Nod to Ra2YR engine and present brand new Faction "Federation" [what ever you like them or not i just put them because i want ] visit my forum for more infomation. the mod may doesnt seem to finish [because it 80% complete build or v.0.8] but i'll try to make it better in the future release. Some screen shot from mod http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=31233 Thank you Reign of Steel Credit - Holy_Master = Reign of Steel Mod Leader - Apollo = Ini Codder , Explosion Graphic , AI , Sound etc [i can say more than 40% of my mod done by him] - Aro = Terrain Editor - Orac = Concept Artist - Truefeel = Map Designer - raminator = camera setting tool for 3ds max - ArvinCool = AI codder - Krow = Codder - Anderwin = Alpha Tester - Falci = Story Writer [ for presentation ] and ROS Logo Design - AltomareXD = ROS Logo Design - Gangster = Terrain Creator - Spiderman2099 = some unit design and 3d graphic and Terrain Creator - Gamemate = 2D Ghaphic - IcySon555 = TMP creator tool - TksSdo = Faction Logo design and user interface - Banshee = Modding Tool , Forum / Mod Host - TypeProton [aka error] = Concept Artist , Beta Tester - VK = Npatch - LH_Mouse = Npatch_Extent - Ares Team = Ares Project and other i forgot [tell me if you can't see your name]
  7. Holy_Master

    Crazy Mod Version 0.55 Patch Released

    LOL the Microvane Tank one of the best tank design ever!!!
  8. Holy_Master

    C&C 4 Unit Profile - GDI Titan

    i still wonder why they need concept art if final design just reuse KW model and replace extra cannon on it. however i prefer the model in concept art look better than this version [ and it look more like original Titan]...
  9. Holy_Master

    C&C 4 Unit Profile - Nod Cyborg Commando

    He look alot like space marine from wh40k more than cyborg...
  10. Holy_Master

    about random pic on your site

    you can check about my mod on PPM forum. :wink: hm... i ask about those orca on picture not picture.but ok thank everyone for help. Mammoth Mk.II alpha stage [ROS name's Mammoth Pt.]
  11. Holy_Master

    about random pic on your site

    thank again i'll try to contect him. :wink:
  12. where i can get this pic before edit? i'm so happy if you have more than this. because i need concept for my mod. [reign of the steel] thank :wink: