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  1. Where are you? Do you know its past curfew?

  2. Ok i finished the KW campaing today and in the last fmv i saw this kind of scrin messages : http://img81.imageshack.us/my.php?image=scrindx8.png I went GR and i found this translator: http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploa...-1206706302.jpg So i translated it and it says " INVASION" on the last moment of the fmv,, What can this mean ? The expected scrin round 2 on earth or it means that kane is crazy enough to plan an invasion on the scrin homeworld ? What do u guys think ?
  3. CnCBacano

    New Titans and Wolverine

    Titan video http://files.ea.com/downloads/eagames/cc/t...Render_high.mov Wolverine video http://files.ea.com/downloads/eagames/cc/t...Render_high.mov Check the gamespot article too http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/comman...topslot;title;1 I dont really like the new titan design :S but the wolverine is fine imo
  4. CnCBacano

    I really like C&C3

    Well i kinda liked the game but TS was much better. Btw can u guys check this dude . I realy like is music . PLay as Nod on the expansion with this kind of music would be sweet What do u guys think ?
  5. COMMANDO - You are a wisecracking individual who enjoys destruction and is a professional in the art of 'Kick Ass'. You can take on many differant types of challenges but vehicles and teamplay seem to be your weakness. Cool
  6. CnCBacano

    Favourite unit, thus far.

    GDI : Zone trooper Nod : Fanatic rush . Pretty good indeed
  7. CnCBacano

    Renegade Players List

    WOL/XWIS Name: CnCBacano Most Active On: www.Jelly-Servers.com (a00) and www.Jelly-Servers.com (a0000)
  8. CnCBacano

    Your Allegiance!

    I always be GDI but its a bit messed up in this game . No high tech units to destroy Nod in great style meh
  9. Great Podcast. Ty Zee Hyp
  10. Stealth Avatars ? It looks hard to stop Looks like Nod has all the GDI tec now There are some new Nod units in on of the pics
  11. CnCBacano

    GFW pics here

    Yep its awesome i love it and the blue beam
  12. CnCBacano

    GFW pics here

    Saw it on the oficiall foruns http://www.derelictstudios.net/ EA dont call them scrin. The aliens have a super unit called annihilator tripod. They have harvesters too .