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  1. I "almost" reinstalled it. Bout 17% before i quit. Emperor: Battle for Dune is good enough for me hahaha.
  2. Well looks to me like Westwood put all their eggs in a basked and fouled up. Shouldve had a back up plan, or should have stuck to their cash cow (C&C) and forget MMOs. They are a waste of time and money. Besides, everyone and their Facebook now makes MMOs, it was a bad path reguardless. In reguards to Tiberium, they should just release it as a freebee and let modders have some fun.
  3. TheRoadToDawn

    All Work and No Play, Make RTS a Dull Genre

    Before reading you should know that I only played C&C, Westwood, and Petroglyph products... Going with what you said about the 2nd and 4th Red Alert missions, in Westwood's Emperor Battle For Dune, the ability was present to go back to your old bases and build them up, but you came back to a Construction Yard, Barracks, Power Plants, a Spice Refinery, and a few other structures. What I am trying to point out is that I believe Westwood was on the right track to creating a new generation of RTS with EBFD's map campaign. While it was turned based between three factions, the map had territories that determined the number of reinforcements that you would receive from surrounding territories for both you and your opponent. While you could not control what you received, this ability could quickly turn the tide in combat. Another unique feature is that you could see your opponent coming, but you didnt know in what strength or how many waves it would throw at you. What is better, you had your base constructed from the previous mission and the mission allowed for time to build up the right forces to defend and counterattack the enemy presence in the territory. Yes Emperor didnt have the technology build in to keep you guessing and the AI was predictable, but it was a breakthrough that I had never seen before. Not to mention the giant robots. Got to love those giant robots. Another unique feature was alliance building with minor factions and with that, new unique units and structures, missions that determined the fate of those factions, and which factions would come after you if you ticked them off. Another feature that is important for RTS is unit upgrading. I do support the upgrade options that were made available during Generals, C&C3 TW, and (yes i know) C&C4, but my only complaint was the lack of variety offered past Generals besides the IFV vehicle and defense turret, garrisonable structures and units offered then on. I do compliment EA for trying to come up with the Crawler, but it was for the wrong game. The game should have been called Sole Survivor 2 and should have NOT feature Kane's ending to the series, rather it should have told the tale between C&C3 and C&C4, but should not have done away with base building. As for resource gathering, why spoil the fun. I love listening to EVA screaming "silos needed" or my unit contruction "on hold". Its what made it both aggrivating and exciting at the same time. While Oil Derricks (RA3) and Tiberian Drills (C&C3) made life easier, resource gathering keeps the player on edge and make the game less boring. Yes you might be aggrevated, but that gave you enough reason to push through or restart a level due to a bad decision...or lose to a better competent player in Multiplayer, lol. Another core element to developing RTS is to "follow the Mods". C&C mods ideas should be leading today's RTS genre. While game developers sometimes think they know what is best for their babies, what they forget is that it is the people that buy their games. Like additional animations to building structures, unique textures, etc. One such example is C&C3 as EALA, no foul against them as we know of time and budget constraints, took the time to listen to the community. Despite a pro-Westwood, anti-EALA, oh how I hate how the 3 is made in the freakin title of the game, EA implemented the ideas of the fans a created what I thought was the best RTS since Emperor. Another feature that should be present is a minimode called Space Combat. Featured in Star Wars Empire at War, it introduced an easy way to play with space combat by allowing a player quick access to reinforcements, superweapons, and BIG ships. While these elements have probably been shown before, the core elements that I liked about EAW are the abilitys to manage your forces throught the galaxy and manually control them when the time came to "get personal". Another unique feature is that certain missions unlocked certain technologies. Whether you snuck your spy in, or just took it over the old fashioned way, new and unique technologies could be made available by completion of certain objectives. What do you think?
  4. Yeah i had to uninstall it. Didnt enjoy the gameplay and I have to take my laptop to the University library to play it. At least they got the worldbuilder out quick. Oh well. Enjoy guys.
  5. TheRoadToDawn

    Frank Klepacki: From Dune II to Dune 2000

    Id lend you mine, but i cant find the install disk.. hahahhaha
  6. TheRoadToDawn

    Frank Klepacki: From Dune II to Dune 2000

    Emperor Battle For Dune is one of his greatest masterpieces. I still listen to Tribute to Evil. hahahaha
  7. TheRoadToDawn

    Command & Conquer 4 Tops Sales Charts

    EA's mistake though, in my opinion, was to end the Tiberian Saga with an experimental game.
  8. TheRoadToDawn

    Command & Conquer 4 Tops Sales Charts

    Well from a single player point of view: I would think no matter how good or bad the game is, and this time EA dropped the ball on a lot of things, fans (either WW or EALA) would probably want to see what happens to Kane. From a multiplayer's point of view: I think EA took a risk that had its ups and downs. In the end, it looks like Command & Conquer Sole Survivor 2. hahaha
  9. TheRoadToDawn

    C&C 4 Soundtrack Available on Amazon

    I need to clarify my earlier post. I mean i couldnt believe that Amazon offered it the day after I preordered C&C4. haha.
  10. TheRoadToDawn

    Command & Conquer 4 Nod Unit Showcase

    Not really to impressed with most of the units, but after playing the beta, all i can say is that the Stealth Tanks rule the map on C&C4.
  11. TheRoadToDawn

    C&C 4 Soundtrack Available on Amazon

    Oh you have got to be kidding me.
  12. TheRoadToDawn

    Your Command & Conquer Freeware Awaits!

    OH THE BEST C&C GAME EVER MADE! FREE! Heartattack! Need those tiberian upgrades. haha
  13. TheRoadToDawn

    Crash when interface appears

    K. Will do. Understandable for a beta, but yet unfortunate for the player. UPDATE: Well i uninstalled it, deleted the files, downloaded the program from EA, and i still got the same errors. Dont worry about it. Until EA gets back to me, or until they release a patch, im just gonna wait out the month. Im comfortable where i sit on my levels right now. (LV 16 GDI, Lv 20 Nod). Thank you anyway.
  14. TheRoadToDawn

    Crash when interface appears

    Hey guys, i know its been a while, but ive been playing under Scott. I have this problem now with the C&C Beta interface and wonder if anyone has experienced it lately. The error just started recently for me, as i was able to gain Lv16 GDI and Lv 20 Nod before hand. As soon as i click the icon, the game window pops up, and is immediatly followed by error messages of the same type before it crashes. I have sent EA a message reguarding this, but its been over 24 hours and now im looking for an explanation outside the box. I have attached a picture of my desktop screen to show you what i am now dealing with. Btw: C&CTT might not live up to the C&C title, but it is still good game. The Stealth Tanks Rule.