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  1. Long time due update there are 4 working sides now I'm just updating Yuri at the moment hopefully I'll be finished with that soon just need to add a few new units and effects and I'm done with a rough idea for them Will add a new list of new Yuri and soviet and allied updates soon when I update my revora threads as well
  2. Well I messed up my rules ini when I was doing the 3rd side so the AI scripts don't seem to work with them so I decided to redo it and bring back yuri as a fighting for so there are 4 sides now I'll get a list up once I get finished with the new rulesmd ini
  3. Favourite units: apoc kirov boris
  4. SSTG

    Holiday Plans

    Hopefully going to alexandra to see some friends other than that working on the mod, vegging out and play games
  5. I think he means if say theres a 50% amount of units on a map he wants a weapon that can take 10% under his control no matter where I could be wrong though probably am lol
  6. Well its not possible to make a Superweapon to change 10% of the enemy units you can make a weapon that can take total control of units from a 3x3 square radius (same size as the iron curtain and chronosphere) Though you need to use Npatch since you need to use it to override the hard code of the SW limits
  7. YR more coding abilities in it like the battlefortress logic Oh and I got it hosted at revora's modding community so theres some new stuff there http://forums.revora.net/index.php?showforum=1786 working on AI at the moment having some fun with the challenge
  8. Ok new changes Scud launcher rocket far more powerful great bunker buster as the rocket blows up the building and then the bio gas is released on the garrisoned troops Overlord tank fires napalm shells instead of using flame throwers mainly due to balance Quad cannon (soviet heavy AA support) and Avenger (Allied heavy AA support) are added and commandche attack copter for allies Flame tank voxel is changed to the one like in magic mans mod Grenadier has been changed to a more conscript looking design and carries a grenade launcher also can clear out garrisoned buildings Paradrops from airfields give more types of troops Example soviets get 6 conscripts 3 grenadiers and 3 tesla troopers Kirov blimps can bob up and down while idle Abrams tank no longer shots prism beams at infantry though the shells it fires give the same shrapnel effect that prism tanks give when elite Flame tanks and overlord tanks flames are upgraded to black napalm when elite Pre release allied war factory, refinery, soviet barracks and battle lab are put in over the existing models mirage tanks can take shape of other objects like lamp posts and rocks great for urban battles though now you need to set something on it before using it due to coding
  9. They seem to be taken from the TS GDI logo concept art designs I'd need to look for a site that has them
  10. I've kinda abandoned the idea for a better iron curtain though I'm going to put a mobile Iron curtain unit into the mod soon and Hopefully if the next npatch comes with the Fire Storm SW enabled a Iron wall using TS firestorm SW logic but thats for my ZH multiplayer side of my mod basically the country that uses iron curtain tech shall have it instead of the iron curtain
  11. SSTG

    Largest Nuke Ever Detonated

    I think thats the tsar bomb largest thremo nuclear weapon in the world.
  12. SSTG

    best ifv combo

    Theres about 15 or 14 weapons that can be coded into the IFV I do like the cowshot (prism laser) but you gotta code it in to work it You can also change around weapons depending if you added newer troops default weapons Missile tur machine gun tur Seal gun tur Sniper gun tur Virus gun Initate gun Yuri clone blast Terrorbomb Ivan bomb Cowshot (laser weapon) Chrono weapon Rad gun supermind attack (yuri prime uses this) Flakweapon thats all I know without checking rules ini
  13. SSTG

    Kane's Wrath Unit Poll

    Going for specter artillery reminds me of the TS artillery