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  1. Valherran

    Regeneration Option

    IIRC, the Gunboat patrol was a map trigger, was it not? Same with the Hovercrafts, they are not a useable unit due to it being on the water, so it uses a map trigger to bring in other units and go away.
  2. Valherran

    Regeneration Option

    Well, seeing as how the regeneration is not a togglable option as it is only belonging to 1 unit, it probably has it's own command line that was not meant to be put on anything else. I KNOW I have done this somewhere, and that editor in the pic looks like the one I used a long time ago... What does it take to figure out what those unkown variables do exactly?
  3. Valherran

    Regeneration Option

    What is that command line underneath the ownership of the Mammoth Tank?
  4. Valherran

    Regeneration Option

    If I had more time to look for that missing editor I would send it to you. It had ALOT of opions to mess with, and the regeneration to half health on any unit or structure was one of them. Edit: Nevermind, I think Enker-Zan found it for me, but I do not have a system that runs the original C&C 95. This editor is old as hell, but the code for the regeneration may be in there, along with other stuff that may have not been found. Here is a link to it if you want to take a look: http://www.cheaters-heaven.com/component/cheaters/2773/PC/command-and-conquer-editor-v14-allows.html
  5. Valherran

    Regeneration Option

    1 week and no reply? Where is everyone? O.o
  6. Valherran

    Regeneration Option

    I was browsing through the editor to see what I could modify, and I noticed that TibEd does not have the option to make Inf/Veh/Building regenerate to half HP like a Mammoth Tank or Harvester. There was an editor I used way back in the day on the original game to do that, but is now gone. I am kind of surprised I did not see it on the TibEd editor. If anyone one knows how to get that implemented, please tell me how, thank you.
  7. Valherran

    What Would It Take To Create...

    I had another thought...What would it take to convert the existing Tiberian Wars SDK into a Kane's Wrath SDK? Wouldn't it just involve inputing all the new units/structures/Powers into the old SDK?
  8. Valherran

    Is this really the end?

    I heard they are making this game horrible so they can just end Command & Conquer entirely, because the game doesn't sell and get good enough rating that they want, they are going to scrap it. I for one am pissed about that if it is true...
  9. Valherran

    What is your favourite Renegade vehicle?

    My Favorite is the Nod Buggy, do not underestimate that little bastard, I have taken out many a vehicle with it! :lol:
  10. Valherran

    Is this really the end?

    Hell to the NO! That game sucked ass from a straw!
  11. Valherran

    Favourite TW/KW Unit!

    Me like Purifier LONG time...
  12. Valherran

    favorite sub faction

    I always loved CABAL's Cyborgs, Marked of Kane is my vote.
  13. Valherran

    What Would It Take To Create...

    Any way to form a petition or something to get these guys to release one? We all need it badly...
  14. Topic and description say it all, what would it take? God knows when EA will get off their butts and give us the SDK for real.
  15. I have had this happen to me also, for some reason it just comes and goes, and i have no idea why...