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  1. I have no further statements to make...............
  2. geez, good thing I stopped writing there........ If the Nod endy really doesn't show a cloning vat, would it be CABALs "cyborg factory"? Excuse me for saying this, but it does look like a vat?! As for cloning not being part of Tib. ........tryingtotieinbothuniverses *couth* But thanks for the feedback anyway PS. I meant to say two Kanes that look differently, IE. one with a plate, one without.
  3. Cygnus, I was half way through, whn I noticed a BIG mistake! My friend and I both missed the fact that Kane mentioned the Aliens as "visitors". I was writing about how Kane could have survived TD, to come back in TS. It has to do with clones, CABAL and the fact that there are two different Kanes! With the Aliens, it's a different layer. I'm trying to find a way to connect CABAL, Kane and the visitors together. One has to go, but then it wouldn't make sense............. :oops: I'll see if I come up with an answer....! Ohh, and congratulations on your exams.......
  4. Thanks guys, I was thinking of writing one more, thanks to talking too much with my friend about C&C during lessons......but it has to wait. I'm in the middle of my exams, very busy!!! If I don't forget it, I'll try to get it typed up! Thanks again!