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  1. Zombieguy

    Kane To Survive Command & Conquer 4?

    maybe they will end up controlling tiberium on earth (as shown in-game) and then turn the moon green with tiberium. The moon will be the source of the earth's energy. silly I know but my guess xD
  2. Zombieguy

    wow anyone left here?!

    thx guys We are doing quiet fine actually! The community has got together and the best minds are working on the TT patch. This is update 4.0 for Renegade and eliminates most bugs and adds new serverside features as well as a new anti-cheat and auto-downloader for resoruces like maps etc. Exciting moderation tools (like auto SS of suspect players on moderator command) will be included with a host of other features. Renforums has also in 2010 gotten off to an awesome start as the first time ever, a Renegade team (representing Renegadeforums) was set together to fight regular community wars/funwars/lobby wars against other communities. Our first game against the veteran Jelly community was a huge success with Renforums taking the top honours with a 4-1 victory. A second match against Exodus is scheduled in 3 weeks time. We are all excited about this as Renegade is a TEAM game and here are some awesome opportunities to utitlize Renegade and ulease it's full potential. In 2009, we held our first Renegade Community Tournament comprising of all major Renegade communities. Cash prizes for the top 2 winning communtities was included and it was a great success. We will be repeating this tournament this year as well! Community-wise, we are doing OK. We have seen some communitites die in 2009 like EKT. As for the major communitites, Jelly, n00bstories, Exodus, Atomix, n00bless, St0rm are some of the big players. Then there's KoSS2 and a host of other minor communitites. CW.cc (clanwars was revived recently). Apart from certain polititcs and minor bickering, we are doing very fine. We also have a team to update the RenegeadeWIKI and bring it up to great standards. Expect really good reads in a major update soon! The game itself is doing good. Player stats are doing good and great games are played each day. wow...long post. I may have missed some developments but yeah we are doing good!
  3. Zombieguy

    C&C4 DRM

    everything is online now. one of my friends friend who works in CA in an independent gaming company told how EVERYTHING will one day be online. Games will no longer be made and distributed in shiny boxes or in DVD cases. These consume so much resources and increase production costs. basically he said everything will be online Steam style within the next 10 years so by 2016-2020. Thats the direction of the industry. This gives great benefit for both the companies and the users. -authenticated downloads onto computers or consoles are tracked. (no need for serial key) -100% online requirement along with inability to "Crack" the game rapes pirates. there ya go. you want to buy the new games that's out? you just log on and buy the game, download and install while your ass gets watched. you play singleplayer and if u pull the ethernet cable = u kill your game. lets admit it considering how we humans love to cheat and steal and not pay for stuff, this was coming for us anyway. But this is not any ocnspiracy theory lulz...the benefits are to both the companies and the players. No need to go to gamestop and the companies get what they want. only downside to me is that I won;t get my scrubby little sweaty palms on those gorgeous game boxes. But meh I got the game packaging boxes of over 50 games I love and I probably won't miss out considering how crappy these new games are. But that's one big downside. EA already for example do this by releasing RA3: Uprising in digital distribution only. Only that withtin the next 10 years, EVERY game would be released this way by every company; for both computers and consoles. even on non-gaming related, our asses will be watched whenever we are online. Google has our mail and knows every search we make and also knows which videos we watch in youtube. all the recent OS like Win 7 have backdoors. Google's new OS is suppoesed to be entirely online based LOL. and along with those who have facebook or any other online social networking, there will be a very clear clean image of who we are in electronic form available to corporations which in turn is available to thegovernment. it will be a whol new online world and the internet will be better than cameras to track our asses. no conspiracy!
  4. Zombieguy

    wow anyone left here?!

    sup dudes It's EXACTLY 3 years since I last came here and made 2 topics. So the story goes I stuck with Renegade and this game killed all my other games and I have been playing Ren non-stop for the last 3 years. HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING? Anyone left? I am hanging out at Renegadeforums.com and am in every Renegade community. These forums seem abandoned but the Renegade community forums and various server communities are teaming with life lulz I can still see my "How to aim/shoot well" topic here in the first page wow...so there haven't been much traffic here huh? Anyway everyone, I gamed on...Ren is an awesome game. I am happy and sad as I make this post! Good to see all keep the site up and running! Zombieguy
  5. Zombieguy


    Ya..I hear! Walls is quite challenging. The distance to each base is very short and Nod does well here with flame rushes. Also any GDI attack is deadly to Nod.
  6. Zombieguy

    How to aim/shoot well?

    Ok, I get the message. I do encounter some really good hotshots once in a while. SPECIAL UPDATE: After playing so many multiplayer games, I have a new friend!!! He plays real good and we are natural teammates. It's nice to find someone you can work with and more importantly, trust. I love Renegade!
  7. Zombieguy

    How to aim/shoot well?

    Nice. The 3rd person view is just amazing! It took me a while to get used to but I think I got the hang of it. You really can see and shoot well! As for the SBH, I hate these freaks (though I am Nod most of the time). Well, they are awesome in the hands of good players and on map where there are no base defenses.
  8. Zombieguy

    How to aim/shoot well?

    Nice! I did what you all told me yeaterday night. I was very sporadic with my movement (I still panicked) and got two kills on the Under map. On the Hourglass map last night, I was a SBH and on the tunnels opposite the base. A mere GDI soldier killed me. I was shooting at him too and he was also losing health like water BUT I died. I figured he was shooting my head while I was shooting his stomach! So he killed me. So, head/neck shots sap more health off?
  9. Zombieguy


    I like your sense of humor, Luk3us! :lol:
  10. Zombieguy


    THANK YOU, SONIC!! That was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I knew you elites would have the images! The reason I wanted this was to know where I was on the map and maybe plan a strategy (if I had good teammates). The maps are very helpful and now I know the exact location of the GDI buildings and how far they are from the Nod base. It also helps to pinpoint some good surprise/sniper spots to attack/ambush vehicles and GDI players and so on. Thank you very much, Sonic!
  11. Zombieguy

    How to aim/shoot well?

    WELL! That's it then! I got Renegade the first time in my 20 year old life just a week and a half ago! So, that's why I am having some "shooting problems." OK...it gives me hope that while I have a long way to go, I will eventually become close to perfect.
  12. Zombieguy

    Renegade Players List

    WOL/XWIS Name: zombieguy Most Active On: www.Jelly-Servers.com (a00) and www.Jelly-Servers.com (a0000)
  13. Zombieguy

    How to aim/shoot well?

    Gotcha. So the main most thing is practice...I see. I am using the WASD keys and not the arrows. But I will do what you both guys say. Let me get back to you all on my experiences after a day or two. In the mean time, please provide anymore tips if you can! Thanks!
  14. Zombieguy

    Renegade reticle problem

    WOW, I did not know that. Thanks!
  15. Zombieguy

    How to aim/shoot well?

    I am no n00b. I fight like a tiger but I see so many elite players who can shoot real well. Snipers, Sakuras, Havocs, Deadeyes...these players can shoot accurately and instantly and kill their enemies with one shot. How do they do that? What am I missing here? How do I improve my aiming skills? How do I protect myself and fight during close combat? Please tell me everything about jumping and straffing and so on.