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  1. i feel i have found the issue, i added all the files in the redalert folder and tibed into the optout menu of DEP and now i have no problems encountered.
  2. i never had a freezing problem when i had tfd installed, though the changes never took effect. if it is the DEP at work, is there a way to work around it?
  3. it ran for a few minutes but froze up. but the changes did take effect. should there be a minimum strength number?
  4. only if I close Tibed and removing changes will the game play as it would had I not had Tibed at all.
  5. still no one who can help me out? i dont want to install TFD version because my changes never worked with it.
  6. after i make some changes through Tibed and start the game the screen stays black and nothing starts, i only have the allied disc so i only changed allied units and buildings. does anyone have some suggestions for me?
  7. SyMaster

    very basic tutorial

    i seem to be having a problem gettinc C&c 95 running after telling tibed to start up the game. it tells me to put in a C&c disc, but i use first decade. how do i work this? Edit: i found out how to get it to work, just start the game from outside tibEd.