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  1. blakmaglc

    hi all

    Hello and welcome to the forums!
  2. blakmaglc

    How long do you want to live?

    I think 85 would be great for the rate at which I am going. Blakmaglc- Head Administrator http://www.freeibforums.com/forums/index.p...glc&act=idx
  3. blakmaglc

    New Years

    I will most likely be spending it with my GF. Blakmaglc- Head Admin http://www.freeibforums.com/forums/index.p...glc&act=idx
  4. blakmaglc

    New Forum

    There most of the sections have been added now and I recommend you register to the New Forum because it is looking to be a great one.
  5. blakmaglc

    New Forum

    Member's I am sorry but, my Trial Admin put the wrong address. This is the right address for the forum. Also we are still in desperate need of members and mostly moderators. Direct Link: http://www.freeibforums.com/forums/index.p...glc&act=idx
  6. blakmaglc

    New Forum!!!!

    Thankx- but we are still in bad need of staff and members. Please if you feel qualified or just want a try then come to the forum and join.
  7. blakmaglc

    New Forum!!!!

    Thank-You i will try and fix that right now man. Thanx for the info though.
  8. blakmaglc

    New Forum!!!!

    there it should work now guys sorry about that.
  9. blakmaglc

    New Forum!!!!

    Hello everyone . My name is Blakmaglc. And for the last week or so I have been making a CNC Forum. It is not quite done although with me moving at the moment it is sometimes hard to find time to complete. I am planning on making numerous updates although I am just trying to finish everything up. The forum is in need of members and STAFF. Please if you fell qualified to fill one of these positions please fell free to email me. The forum is OPEN now but expect numerous updates throughout the next 2 weeks. Please do not be alarmed for no info will be lost during these updates. Although please enjoy the site although I am aware that it is not nearly as advanced as cnc-source forum , but like I said there will be many updates coming up. NEEDING STAFF POSITIONS AVAILABLE Admin 3 Global Moderator 4 Moderator 6 Journalist 5 Graphics Team ? TET (Tiberian Earth Team 8 Please try to visit the forum when you have time. Email Blakmaglc either at [email protected] or PM on the forum. Have fun and enjoy the forum! Blakmaglc Direct Link: http://www.phpbbstar.com/forums/index.php?...780271fc580bf2d
  10. blakmaglc

    which would u buy

    Dragonaball Z for me man. Although i would not play it very much.
  11. blakmaglc

    Has EA Run Out of Idea's for CnC Games?

    They are out of idea's let's face it EA is just ready to crap their pants for loss of ideas. Blakmaglc
  12. blakmaglc

    Should EA Make a Champions Arena?

    Yes that would be a very cool thing although with games that are falling now i don't know if it would be possible considering the ra2 server now shut down and what not. Blakmaglc
  13. blakmaglc

    HotSpot of the year?

    Of course you think it would be via over the internet although if to happend Where would be the best? Blakmaglc
  14. blakmaglc

    1st game to die?

    Yeah of course what about the new tiberian sun server out, lol.. Always play there. Blakmaglc
  15. blakmaglc

    1st game to die?

    i'll play until they shut down the servers.. regardless if that's til i die. Blakmaglc